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    A/C Behaviour after re-gas.

    Hi, Does anyone know if the A/C on auto normally blows only through the front vents, none at the feet? I'm having nightmare after nightmare post servicing the A3 at Audi's. Thought as it's a cambelt, w/p, and accessory belt replacement I might as well do it at theirs despite higher costs as...
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    Coolant issue after cambelt replacement.

    Hi guys, I have a bit of an issue! I've recently changed my cambelt + water pump for my car as it got to the 5-year mark. Got the car from the service Weds, drove it home for like 30 miles, all fine. The car sat on the drive until Friday morning when my wife had to go to work. She called me...
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    Cambelt replacement prices

    Hi all, I'm looking to get my cambelt replaced as it's getting near to 5 y/o. I've got a quote at the dealers at £595 and they throw in FOC MOT's for the life of the vehicle. Is this a rip-off and I'd better go to an indie or is worth it? I'm curious to see what prices you guys have paid...
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    Damaged center console trim.

    Hi guys, I've managed to ruin the center console of my car today as some air freshener fluid dripped onto it. Sod's law, it dripped on the ashtray's lid so splattered all over the surroundings, if the ashtray would have been in the other cup I would have been saved, but hey-ho... As you can see...
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    Car cover with hail protection.

    Hi all, Sorry for the slightly silly question but was looking at the weather patterns recently and seeing what happened in France and other places I was wondering what I can do to protect my baby. Does any of you use a cover like this? If yes, can I get a recommendation on where to buy? I...
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    Longer than usual crank time 2.0 TDI

    Hi all. I've noticed that sometimes my A3's crank time is a bit longer than normal, always in the morning after the car sat parked for at least 8 hours. Been reading online and found this video which I think it explains the symptom very well and also gives the diagnosis and treatment. If you...
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    Audi A3 query

    Hi, Got my A3 Sline 2.0 TDI manual two weeks now. I like the car but there are two annoying things and ine worrying. The annoying bits are that I can't get a 100% comfortable driving position no matter what (I could of done with the throttle to be abit forward than where it is) and the xenons...
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    New audi owner

    Hi guys, I'm Dan and I'm from Norfolk, UK. I'm new into the audi world (Audi A3 Sline 2015 . 2.0 TDI , manual) so I'll need some guidance please. :) I will post my first query soon. Thanks!