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  1. Scottien

    Scott's S1 - The Bumblebeeast

    Hi guys, Lots of you probably know my car already as it's plastered all over the internet, Instagram, facebook whatever but I haven't as yet made a progress thread so this will be it! My old car Lots of you probably know my old black murdered out stage 2 Audi A1, on AirRex and Porsche twists...
  2. Scottien

    Audi S1 - Mag Ride top mount removal

    Hi guys Does anyone know if there is a correct method for removing the top mounts from the rear dampers on an S1 that has mag ride? The wire for the mag ride comes out of the damper and doesn't appear to detach in anyway which makes it impossible to remove the top mount :/ Cheers Scott
  3. Scottien

    Audi S1 - Mirror folding on lock VCDS problem

    Hi guys Have read a few threads from people on VCDS mods on the S1, the only one I really wanted to accomplish was the mirror fold on lock as it's very practical for car parks... Anyway, I followed the instructions but when I try and submit I get asked for a security code or something, am I...
  4. Scottien

    Scottien's S1 - Build Thread

    Hi guys, Lots of you probably know me from A1 forum or Instagram. I had a black Stage 2 1.4 TFSI A1 on air suspension which was running about 185 BHP. Here's my build from over on the A1 forum if you want to take a look: Unfortunately...