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    Wanted Audi TT 8n Quattro coilovers

    Hi, Looking for a set of coilovers for a tt 8n Quattro. Preferably looking for ap,kw etc no joms Lookin to spend around £400 Cheers Luke
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    best tyres for £300 to £350

    hey all, i need to replace all 4 tyres shortly and have a budget of 300 to 350 , ive been looking at toyo proxes t1-r but after the usual pub banter have been told these may not be the best, can anyone make another good recommendations in that price range. cheers
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    ap coilovers

    hey, does anyone have any feedack on ap coilovers?? whats the ride like , durability etc?? is there any other worthwhile mods for these ?? adjustable top mounts / lcr top mounts etc ?? cheers for any advice
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    Relentless manifolds proof god hates us ?,

    Been trying to fit my relentless manifold today and been having a right mare!! After having grinded a spanner to its death I think I have final managed to tighten the 9th bolt !! I've gone to fit the turbo and see no physical way of getting the turbo bolt through the manifold ?? Has anyone...
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    Heat wrapping a relentless manifold

    Hey Has anyone bothered wrapping their relentless manifold , would it make any difference performance wise ?? Cheers
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    best part's suppliers

    hey all, im after a couple of specific items for my car and wanted peoples opinions of the best supplier of these parts (and also the best price) , i know the obv suppliers like awesome etc but im after feedback from people aswell how have actually dealt with the vendors and have had a good...
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    whats the best turbo for achieving 400 bhp or should i just go hybrid

    hey all, i am taking my car off the road shortly and i am looking to upgrade the turbo , i hope to achieve around 400BHP and was wondering which turbo is best for this, i understand that it isnt down to the turbo alone and all the ancilliaries will need to be upgraded as such. The problem is i...
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    Badger 5

    hey all, paid a visit to bill yesterday to get my tip fitted and wow what a difference, just wanted to take the time to say thanks to bill for putting up with me chatting so much **** and showing me around. i chose bill because of his reputation and i wasn't dissapointed, all i can say to...
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    Bristol / hereford charity meet tonight

    hey all, just wondering if anyone was going to the cancer research charity meet tonight in hereford? its at morton meadow carpark hr4 9ju. would be nice to see a strong ASN presence and hoping a few of the big powered cars will be there for inspiration :) cheers,
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    rwd s3 / quattro to rwd conversion ??

    hi all, after reading the quattro to 2wd thread i was wondering if any one had converted a s3 to RWD and if it was even possible. also if someone could explain the difference between a normal haldex controller and a after market "blue " version ???
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    what came first the chiken or the egg?? 3" dp vs badger 5 tip

    hey all, this is my first post, been on the fourm a while but like to take more of a spectator's view reading all the build thread's. firstly i would jus like to says thanks to everyone who has been willing to put there money on the line to trial new products and progress with there tuning and...