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  1. BigJoeyC

    Miles remaining

    Afternoon ladies and gents Just a quick question in regards to the accuracy of the dash computer stating the amount of miles before the fuel tank is empty. Mines an audi a4 2.0tdi and is currently stating 295miles left in fuel tank. I only stuck 45.00 of diesel in and have done 122miles...
  2. BigJoeyC

    Carista - pure RAGE

    So ive just got the Carista dongle and downloaded the app. My Iphone connects to it no problem at all and i get all the usual options. Click on the 9.99 weekly pass (while the ignition is on and sitting in my car) to purchase and enter my apple password and the app just hangs saying “loading...
  3. BigJoeyC

    Help. Engine light

    So bought B8 audi a4 only a week ago. Been back to the garage 3times due to engine management light coming on. The mechanic is agood kid and ive seen the fault come up on his diagnostic device. Only 1 code comes up which relates to the DPF pressure sensor. I watched him replace this sensor then...
  4. BigJoeyC

    Disable DRL’s

    Hi Just got my Audi A4 59 plate. The only problem is i think the daytime running lights look naff. Them mutiple spot LEDs look cheap in my opinion. Is there a way to completely disable them?
  5. BigJoeyC

    Advice on a remap please

    Hoping i can get some good advice if yous dont mind Im looking to get an Audi A4 2009 72000 miles 2.0 TDI 143ps remapped by durham remaps to a stage 2, approx 190hp/300ftlb. Is the turbo ok to cope with that power? Has anyone had any issues with remapping their audi diesels? Stage 1 is 170hp...
  6. BigJoeyC

    Audi A4 S Line 2009

    Alright ladies and gents Im new here after just buying an A4 2009 S-Line 2.0 TDI 143ps 72000 miles for 7k in platinum silver Just wondering if there are any common issues with these cars i need to watch out for or prevent from occuring? Its a manual gearbox Also the standard S Line alloys...