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  1. piehole1983

    Pros and cons of the 8P 3.2?

    Just looking opinions and/or advice on the 8P 3.2 really. I already have a 2005 8P 1.6 8 valve and only came across it because it was very cheap and also has full Audi history etc. I really like the car but I miss the torque and power of previous cars I've had. This leads me to considering the...
  2. piehole1983

    MK60 to MK60EC1 ABS unit swap - help

    Hey everyone, as the title says I'm wanting to swap my old MK60 abs unit for a newer MK60EC1. Has anyone else done this? Really I'm wondering what wiring/piping needed to be changed? I've had a quick look at some diagrams and there are a few differences in wiring from what I've seen so far. Any...
  3. piehole1983

    1.6 BGU Engine slight misfire at idle

    Hey everyone, I'll try to keep it short and to the point. I bought a 2005 A3 1.6 with the BGU engine recently. Changed the water pump and timing belt immediately. A little later did the oil, filters, plugs etc. Before I did those I noticed it would misfire slightly at idle. Stuck VCDS on and...
  4. piehole1983

    Weird MFSW button operation problem - coding?

    I retrofitted a MFSW to my A3 today as it didn't have one. I also fitted a new control module with the ability for MFSW and cruise (which is also fitted and working). I've coded the module according to the table in VCDS but the buttons do not behave as they should. Volume scroll does nothing...
  5. piehole1983

    2005 A3 Cluster changed to DIS but now have ABS Coding issue

    Hey everyone, I've just fitted a DIS cluster to my 2005 Sportback as it didnt have one. Everything is working fine apart from an issue that has cropped up. In the ABS module I get the fault 01044 Incorrect coding and 008 Implausible signal. The old cluster coding was 0004443 and the new was...
  6. piehole1983

    Anyone know about cluster component security?

    Before I end up buying yet another used cluster to upgrade my own, does anyone know much about component security? Basically I have a cluster in my car that doesn't have the DIS screen and I bought one from eBay that does. Both dated 2005 and have the 93C86 eeprom and both have Fujitsu MCU...
  7. piehole1983

    Quick cluster question - DIS Colour

    When did the cluster DIS go from red to white? Gonna change my cluster. I have a red one already but of course I managed to buy the one that's impossible to adapt to a different car. Need a new one so I might as well get the white or colour one if they exist!
  8. piehole1983

    Been busy today.....

    Been a busy boy today and set about fitting some of the many parts I have gathered up for my 2005 Sportback. I've fitted facelift tail lights which make a massive difference to the car, love them! Next I wanted to fit xenon headlights but my CEM was the lowline version and didn't have the...
  9. piehole1983

    8PA Front fog retrofit - advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm fitting front fogs to my 2005 Sportback that didn't have them originally. I've got the fogs lights, surrounds, plugs with a little section of cable and the new light switch. Can anyone tell me where I need to connect the wires to? I've been reading that an additional wire might...
  10. piehole1983

    VAG Commander to extract PIN - cluster swap

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to changed my cluster to one with DIS and need to get the PIN from both old and new. I've got VAG Commander K+ CAN and in its description it's supposed to be able to do so on the 8P until 2007. Also mentions VDO clusters. Mine is 2005 and has a VDO cluster. Before I...
  11. piehole1983

    MFSW Retrofit - check list

    Hey guys, I've read loads of posts about retrofitting a MFSW to the non equipped cars such as mine. I've figured out that I have the lowline steering module and a type 2 slip ring. I haven't confirmed whether it's a C or D as yet. I'm just wanting to check before I buy stuff that I need...
  12. piehole1983

    Quick xenon upgrade question

    Hi guys, I've bought some xenon lights to fit to my halogen equipped car. I did a quick scan with VCDS before I start to check whether I have the option to enable them. From what I can see, I don't! (No byte 21). My module is 8P0 907 279 B. I've already read that I need revision F?? I can get...
  13. piehole1983

    A3 Cluster upgrade

    Hi everyone, Am I right in saying that I can upgrade my 2005 cluster that does not have DIS to the newer 2009 cluster that has white illumination and DIS? I understand that I'll need the PIN read from mine and possibly the new cluster too, any advice for doing this?
  14. piehole1983

    Hello from Belfast!

    Hey everyone, I've recently picked up a 2005 A3 Sportback in a fairly basic spec. I wasn't looking to buy a car but this one came up very cheap so I bought it. Great car to drive, I'm impressed. I like to upgrade and retrofit stuff so that's what I'll be starting with pretty much straight away...