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  1. ryanstewart9

    Ignition Switch / Poor Warm Starting Issue?? with VCDS Scan

    I'd say for a couple of weeks now I've noticed the car taking longer to crank over when warm, or sometimes only just firing in time before the battery giving up (bit embarrassing on the garage forecourt). So finally managed to get to scan the car today. Before scanning the car I thought it...
  2. ryanstewart9

    Anyone heard of NavPOInt?

    As the title says, anyone heard of or used this company? Apparently their software allows you to add speed camera POI's, but more importantly the ability to use 7 digit postcode with OEM maps on the RNS-E?
  3. ryanstewart9

    CD Changer or iPod/AMI with RNS-E

    OK, thinking of adding/retrofitting either a CD Changer or an iPod-USB/AMI connection in the glovebox to co-inside with a '193' RNS-E. I own an iPhone & a Nano which is one reason why I was looking at iPod connection. I know everyone has their own preference, just looking to see what others...
  4. ryanstewart9

    Anyone used MOTEST before?

    As the title says, Has anyone used these guys before? MOTEST I only ask as apparently the Camberley branch specialise in VAG cars? Thanks
  5. ryanstewart9

    Oil query??

    Hope someone can help me with this one. Got my car back from the dealer yesterday after the car had an oil change service (due to the dealer carrying out a fixed service instead of a variable). They have used a Quantum oil called Synta Z? Anyone used this oil? According to a trade source this...
  6. ryanstewart9

    Standard S-line Alignment figures??

    Does anyone know the standard alignment figures for a 2WD S-line TDi, as I'm thinking of fitting the Whiteline Anti Lift Kit and would just like to know the figure so the monkey in the garage doesn't set it to the wrong figure? :) Thanks
  7. ryanstewart9

    Please Support Carl Bart

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the place to put this or even if it's allowed, but I'm sure someone will let me know if not. I am asking if you could see it in your hearts to please visit this site and give whatever you can spare, be it time, money or something to donate to this cause...
  8. ryanstewart9

    Retrofitting AMI, is it possible?

    If I have a 2010 or later RNS-e (Media button) fitted/retro-fitted is it possible to retrofit an AMI system and if so, how difficult would this be? Tried doing a search on the subject but couldn't find a definitive answer. I'm sure someone like Nigel will be able to tell me :superman: Thanks....
  9. ryanstewart9

    Halogen Dipped Beam Malfunction

    Hope someone can help me with this. Got the right dipped malfunction light come up on the dash the other day, so thought the bulb had blown. Changed the bulb, still no difference. Tried the bulb from the other side of the car as I knew this one worked, still malfuntioning? Done a scan with...
  10. ryanstewart9

    How Different are S-line Springs to Sport/Standard Springs?

    As the title says, How different are the S-line Springs compared to the Sport or Standard springs? The reason I ask is because my rear offside spring has snapped off at the bottom, less than two months out of warranty! Bit of background: I noticed a metallic knocking noise coming from the...
  11. ryanstewart9

    Prices please :-)

    Hi Dave, Is it possible to get prices for the part numbers below including a price for postage please: 6Y0 947 411 8P0 927 121 A 5PR 4D0 971 636 A 000 979 009 000 979 131 8E0 051 530 Thanks
  12. ryanstewart9

    Tyre Confusion

    Ok I went and got a new tyre fitted yesterday as I got a puncture that couldn't be fixed (gutted as the tyre was nearly new). Had to buy another Bridgestone as I was only replacing the one tyre, now here is where it gets confusing. I have 225/40/R18 92Y on the car at the moment but the guy...
  13. ryanstewart9

    Genuine Rear Bumper Protection Film??

    Hi Dave, Do you know if Audi do a genuine rear bumper protection film for my 2007 A3 Sportback S-line as I've been told the one made for the Sportback does not fit the S-line? If so, is it possible to get a part number and price? Also, is it possible to get a price on an Iphone 3gs cradle...
  14. ryanstewart9

    Adding Ipod dock in glovebox?

    Is it correct that in order to retrofit the genuine Audi ipod dock into the glovebox I need to purchase a new glovebox? If it makes a difference the car is a 2007 Sportback with I believe a generation 2+ stereo (symphony).
  15. ryanstewart9

    Retrofit Rear Passenger Sunblinds in Sportback?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to retrofit the oem sunblinds for the rear passenger doors on my Sportback, or would the cost just be too great to make it a viable upgrade? Thanks....
  16. ryanstewart9

    Problems with Comfort Function Auto Window Closure

    Hi people, I have this selected via VCDS through Central Convenience and it use to work no problems. Recently the driver's side window keeps losing its one touch roll up/down, I keep resetting it by hold the button up for a second once the window is fully up, but it seems to stop working...
  17. ryanstewart9

    Ipod connection kit

    Hi Dave, Can you give me a price on a set of radio removal tools, also a price on part number: 8E0 051 444B (should be an ipod connection kit for my double din symphony stereo. Do you know if it's the same kit that fits the RNS-E?). Plus postage. Thanks
  18. ryanstewart9

    Engine Flush??

    Ok the car is going in for her 2nd AVS service next month and just wondered if it was worth using an engine flush? I believe this will only be the second time she has been serviced in 36k miles, the first and only service in the book was done at 16k miles? Just after peoples opinion on whether...
  19. ryanstewart9

    Burnt Lamin-X Front Fogs

    Anyone else had this problem? Looks like I have a couple of burn marks on the Lamin-X vinyl on my front fogs :sob:
  20. ryanstewart9

    Control unit

    Hi Dave, Is it possible to get a price plus postage for this part number please? 8P0 919 283 D - believe it is the pdc control unit for rear only on a 2007 A3 Thanks Ryan