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  1. allanbegg

    Steering wheel air bag removal - HELP

    Recently changed the steering angle sensor on my 8P. On re-fitting the air bag to the steering wheel and tightening I noticed that one of the torx screws wasn't tightening as it should be. I've loosened off and tried to remove the air bag to see what the issue is but the torx screw in question...
  2. allanbegg

    VCDS Glasgow Area

    Anyone with VCDS in the Glasgow area able to meet up one weekend and program my car for cruise-control? I'm thinking of retro-fitting a cruise stalk to my 56 Plate A3 8P1 and would need VCDS to do this. I'm thinking of buying it but would like to have someone that knows how to use the system...
  3. allanbegg

    Boot lock alarm

    De-wipered my A3 8P1 today and took the motor out, so the motor plug isn't connected to anything. The boot catch plug was connected then everything put back together. The dash display is showing that the boot isn't closed, when in fact it is. Anyone had this problem before and what's the solution?
  4. allanbegg


    Hello! Recently purchased a 2006 Audi A3 8P1 2.0TDI Sport. I've owned a few different cars over the past few years but the Audi without doubt has to be one of the best that I've had, second to my BMW E46 coupes! My name's Allan, I'm a 20 year old trainee engineer from Glasgow, Scotland. Will...