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  1. jasonc

    Cloned Number Plates - any experience?

    Does anyone have any experience of having their number plate cloned? I have a private plate on my car and it's been spotted in Hitchin on another Audi. I haven't seen it myself but a family member who works in the area was behind it for quite a while and is 100% sure that it is the same plate...
  2. jasonc

    Disturbing Acc Behaviour

    I know there has been lots of discussion on here about ACC and I am well aware that there are some situations that you cannot expect it to deal with correctly but thought I'd share an experience I had this morning since it was a situation that I felt should not have caused a problem and it took...
  3. jasonc

    Poor Radio Reception and Interference

    I know the subject of radio reception on retrofitted RNS-E has been covered a hundred times but I've followed all of the advice I can find and I'm still having problems so please bare with me! Bought my car (2008 58 plate facelift S3 sportback) about 2 years ago with the standard Concert...
  4. jasonc

    Overheating S3 and AC problem

    2008 (58) S3 Sportback Manual with 49k miles Looking for some advice on two problems which I'm sure are actually the same underlying fault: 1. Whilst sitting in a monster traffic jam on the bank holiday weekend I got a coolant warning light on the DIS and the message "Switch off engine and...
  5. jasonc

    Driver's door lock problem

    I've found some posts describing similar problems to this but none that seem to match exactly so I'm just looking to get some advice before I go any further and have to shell out a load of cash. When I press the unlock button on the key fob the driver's door does not unlock. The other three...
  6. jasonc

    White paint on black car nightmare - HELP!

    I'll get straight to the point - front of my car currently looks like this: These pictures were taken after the car has been washed (twice), blasted with a pressure washer for a solid 5 minutes and attacked with every car cleaning product in my garage. I work on Slough Trading Estate and...
  7. jasonc

    Thule Roof Bars nearly came off!

    Has anybody experienced any problems using Thule Roof bars? I've used my bars on several vehicles over the last few years and always considered them to be rock solid until this happened... We were driving down to the New Forest on Saturday morning with 2 bikes on the roof. The roof bars, cycle...
  8. jasonc

    Odd tyres on an S3 - problem?

    Hi all, I've had my 58 plate facelift S3 Sportback (manual) for about 6 months now and covered about 6000 miles in it, all on the tyres that it was supplied with. When I bought it I noticed that it was fitted with odd tyres on the front axle (1 Hankook and 1 Bridgestone) which I know is far...
  9. jasonc

    Bluefin Sale

    Just got an email from Superchips saying that there is now a sale on Bluefin - 20% off until the end of June. Thought it might be of interest to someone on here.
  10. jasonc

    Guide to retrofit OEM Bluetooth with RNS-E

    Hi All, I spent a good chunk of today messing about retrofitting an OEM Bluetooth kit into my S3 Sportback (8P Facelift 58 plate) so thought I'd share the experience since judging by the number of posts on here this is a pretty popular thing to do. I bought a new OEM kit from eBay for 250 quid...
  11. jasonc

    Mounting bluetooth module under passenger seat

    Sorry I know this gets covered a lot but I really have read every thread on here relating to this and I'm still not sure how to do this so any tips would be appreciated! I'm fitting the standard Audi bluetooth into a 58 plate S3 Sportback - microphone, connections to stereo and routing the...
  12. jasonc

    Seat belt and lights behaviour in accident

    Hi All, I've got a 58 plate S3 Sportback and coming home from work on the M4 on Thursday night (after I'd had the car a little under 3 weeks!) somebody slammed into the back of it. Damage doesn't appear to be severe: The reason that I'm posting is that I was a bit alarmed at how...