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  1. Stevofoz

    S3 H&R Lowering Springs Fitted, Car sits higher than before!

    Hi All, Been a while since my last post as I stepped away to the dark side for a few years but am now once again, the proud owner of an S3. I have searched for an answer to my issue but can't find anything that helps. As the title suggests, I had a set of H&R Lowering Springs fitted last week...
  2. Stevofoz

    Addiction Motorsport Adjustable Rear Arms

    Hi All, Just after a bit of advice if possible? I've just availed myself of a set of 20mm lowering springs, new top mounts and rear spring pads and a set of Addiction Motorsport adjustable rear arms. I was wondering if anyone who has fitted them might be able to share their experience before...
  3. Stevofoz

    Headlight Swap

    I know this is not the usual route/upgrade/downgrade but does anyone know if it's possible to swap the standard S3 Xenon lights for a set of standard A3 Halogens? Is the wiring totally different?
  4. Stevofoz

    Front Wheel Hubs

    Hi All, I am having difficulty locating a new N/S/F hub for my 2001 S3. I have tried several suppliers so far but they all seem to be struggling to get the right part. My hub has the hub nut rather than the bolt and has an integrated ABS ring. Where do people normally go for this sort of...
  5. Stevofoz

    S3 Headlight Issue

    Hi All, I recently lost my O/S headlight which of course threw a warning light on the dash. After some investigation I discovered it was not the bulb so ordered a set of new bulbs and ballasts from T8ups (at a great price!). I have replaced bulbs and ballasts (not an easy task) and everything...
  6. Stevofoz

    Whining noise on slow turns and slow speed deceleration

    Hi All, I have a feeling I may have worked out what is causing the above but I just wanted to check with the collective knowledge of all on here. My AMK S3 has just started to make a whining noise when exiting my driveway, pulling out of junctions, slow speed turns and slow speed deceleration...
  7. Stevofoz

    ESP Functionality

    Hi All, Could someone please confirm just how the S3 ESP is supposed to function? With all the wonderful weather we've had lately I have found myself spinning the wheels on wet roads on occasion and have discovered that as soon as the front lets go (not that I'm hooning it around but I live in...
  8. Stevofoz

    S3 Secondary Water Pump

    Hi all, I have just been searching through the forum but have been unable to come up with a conclusive answer to my question, hopefully someone can help? Should it be obvious that the electric water pump is on after switching off the engine? I can't hear anything from mine and wondered if...
  9. Stevofoz

    Best Scratch Removal Technique?

    Hi All, I hope someone can help me with a detailing issue I am having? I spent the day saturday attempting to detail my S3 for the first time. I started with a two bucket clean, micro-fibre towel dry then hit it with Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay kit which removed a lot of surface...
  10. Stevofoz

    New S3 Owner - Few simple Q's!

    Hi All, New to the forum (have posted in the welcome section!) and Audi ownership with a 2001 154Kw 8L S3 and apart from being thrilled to pieces with it there are a couple of relatively straight forward questions that I could do with your knowledge on! Firstly, I'm a complete noob with Turbo...
  11. Stevofoz

    Audi Cherry Popped with 8L S3

    Greetings all from the Sunny South East! Having browsed the forum for a fair few weeks to get some well documented 'insider info', I finally went out and bought myself a shiny dark metallic grey S3 with a stack of service history and 3 careful owners. I have to say that after merely 3 days of...