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  1. TR Hamza

    Facelift 510BHP Facelift RS3 Video (MRC Stage 2)

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've posted, hope you're all doing well. A few weeks ago I got the chance to film a Stage 2 Facelift RS3 tuned by MRC. It made 510ps on their dyno. The graph is shown in the video, car has a Milltek decat and panel filter (will confirm which brand). Owner also...
  2. TR Hamza

    Facelift Facelift S3 vs Facelift VW Golf R (MK7.5)

    Hey guys, Hope you are all well! Anyway, on the weekend I got to check out a Facelift Golf R (MK7.5) and created a video on it. Thought some of you guys might be interested in seeing how our cars compare to the now updated VAG sibling. I found that there were enough differences, with some...
  3. TR Hamza

    Facelift Strange occasion where Launch Control doesn't allow full boost.

    Hey guys, Quite a strange thing has been happening with my S3, it doesn't happen all the time but occasionally crops up when using launch control. Now this might sound very odd but it doesn't allow full boost/max launch revs when my central MMI screen is down? REALLY strange I know but soon as...
  4. TR Hamza

    Facelift New member after a long period of lurking

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd finally start contributing to this forum after lurking since last summer, especially as I read the forum daily! This is the third account I've had to make that finally works, on two previous occasions I never received my confirmation email but anyway we're here now...