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  1. willnabby

    How do I get to the sidelight bulb?

    I can't see where the holder is for the sidelight bulb, and I can't find it anywhere in the drivers manual on this either, it's a 2006 8P Cheers
  2. willnabby

    Brightest Headlamp Bulbs, Any Recommendations?

    I'm after upgrading my headlamp bulbs, I'm currently running Philips Extreme Vision + but to me they still seem to be yellowish and dim from inside the car to the point I struggle to see properly in certain conditions, So I'm after something brighter without changing the whole headlamps for...
  3. willnabby

    Part number S-line coil spring

    Does anyone know the part number for an OEM rear coil spring to fit a 55 plate 2.0 tdi (140) S-line please? cheers.
  4. willnabby

    Bose, full or half amplified?

    I have a 2006 A3 8p with the standard single din concert 2 HU with Bose and I am trying to buy the correct SOT lead to fit a parrot hands free kit, connects2 do two for A3's with Bose, one or a half amplified system (CTTAU001) the other for a fully amplified system (CTTAU002), how do I found out...
  5. willnabby

    full moon

    Taken last thursday, it seem to look better in raw before I converted it to jpeg?
  6. willnabby

    Ramsay losing it! (Beware colourful language)
  7. willnabby

    A couple of cheap mods

    Both are reversible if I decide I don't like them in daylight, Lamin-x on the headlamps & the grill de-chromed
  8. willnabby

    Got a new run around .

    It's a 1.4 Tdi 90, well chuffed with it.
  9. willnabby

    Nokia CK-1W bluetooth car kit echoing, Help!

    Does anyone know how to cure the echoing for the person calling as they are all complaining that they can hear their own voice?:blahblah1:, it's paired up to an iphone. Cheers in advance.
  10. willnabby

    Will this changer connect to my concert?

    It's to go in a 2004 A2, Iv'e got this headunit will this changer be compatable with it in the glovebox? The changer from the back cheers in advance for any help.
  11. willnabby

    A2 rear mud flaps

    Hi will the rear mud flaps fit on an A2 with a rear skirt fitted please?
  12. willnabby

    Does the A2 opensky have any known faults?

    I'm thinking of buying an A2 at some point and I quite like the opensky roof, does anyone know if there are any issues with them or it is a reliable system?
  13. willnabby

    Hoya lens filter any good?

    I've seen some hoya lens filters at a reasonable price, are they an ok brand?
  14. willnabby

    I forgot offset?

    Can someone remind me if 8x18" with an et45 offset and pcd112 will fit my 07 sportback on standard suspension without any rubbing issues? I can't remember what the max is you can go too. Cheers.:icon_thumright:
  15. willnabby

    Silverstone 08

    Heikki at the British Grand Prix last week, I took the picture & my mates shopped it.
  16. willnabby

    Can you get TV on iphone?

    Does anyone know how/if you can get TV on an iphone?
  17. willnabby

    Hatch/Sportback Special edition standard stereo

    Does anyone have a Special edition? M/Y 07 ( not that special, just base + air con) what I want to know does it come with a chorus or concert stereo as standard, mine came with a concert with 4 speakers and a sub in the boot, but I was reading a brochure for the A3 cab and the standard has only...
  18. willnabby

    Spilt 2 stroke mix?

    I spilt a bit of 2 stroke mower engine mix on the kitchen floor yesterday & it's got in the grout and stinks:faint:, does anyone have any suggestions how to get rid of the smell? I've tried scrubbing in washing up liquid , & also a bit of white spirit to try and break down the oil but still...
  19. willnabby

    Safe white line removal??

    Hi, I've got white line paint spots all over the front end of my car & a couple on the roof, is there a safe way to remove this stuff by hand?, it's hit the worst colour possible as it's a phantom black A3. any help appreciated. Cheers
  20. willnabby

    Healthy chiken nuggets & chips for the kids.

    For the nuggets:- 1 largefree range (preferably also organic) skinless chicken breast per person some organic wholemeal bread bit of flour 2 free range eggs sea salt & black pepper. ----------------------------------- Chips, use maris piper potatoes...