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  1. s3 addict

    Boost Controllers

    Any thoughts on boost controllers? Thinking of bypassing the N75. Good idea?
  2. s3 addict

    Liquid Gauge by Race Diagnostics Ltd

    Hi, looking for some feedback/advice on the Race Diagnostic Liguid gauges (ebay Item number: 221049810151). Has anybody fitted one of these gauges and if so are they any good? They look great, if not a tad bit small but they measure a lot of stuff and are so easy to fit. Where is the catch?
  3. s3 addict

    Which Remap is best?

    I have an S3 210 bhp and i'm looking to remap. I've heard good things about Revo but I'd like other peoples opinions and views on remaps they've had done. Any advice will be appreciated. On a separate note, I changed my Cam Chain Tensioner today, the old unit was completely seized on the...
  4. s3 addict

    Strange Boost Issue

    Hi, I have a 2001 AMK S3 and I'm having a job finding this boost issue. Basically the car will boost if I feather the throttle a bit first, You can here the change in pitch from the turbo. But if i put my foot down straight away it wont boost until i'm above 4-5k revs. This seems more of an...
  5. s3 addict

    New to the S3. It hates me!

    I've had my S3 for nearly a week now. I bought it from a guy near Rutland (sold as seen) for £5k. On my way home the engine warning light came on and also the ESP light wouldn't extinguish and I also discovered the passager side window was buggered, it went down ok but when it started to rain...