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  1. Rob C

    AMI Lightning Cable

    I've just purchased an AMI Lightning cable but it's not being recognised. Does anyone else have one and confirm the part number of the cable? Thanks
  2. Rob C

    Passenger door handle not working

    My passenger door handle appears to be playing up intermittently. When you unlock the car sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The door always opens using the internal handle though. Anyone got any ideas what it could be?
  3. Rob C

    Trickle Chargers

    My car has gone from a daily driver to a weekend toy so it doesn't get used as regularly as it used to. I'm looking at getting a trickle charger so it can stay on charge when in the garage. In an ideal world I would want one that you can quickly plug in without opening the bonnet every time...
  4. Rob C

    A lesson in engine mounts / advise please

    After going stage 1 at R-Tech yesterday my car appears to be a bit jerky when coming on and off the throttle. They said this was due the the engine mounts as the car has done 115k now. So I'm just after some advise with regards to replacing them with oem or uprated items etc? I had a little...
  5. Rob C

    S3 Suspension Advice

    Now my S3 has done 115k I can’t help but feel the suspension has seen better days. The rear wheels are more frequently rubbing the arches over bumps and one side at the rear sits slightly low. I’m looking for something that matches the standard ride height / comfort but will also cope with the...
  6. Rob C

    S3 100K

    So my S3 has just done 100K miles and it's been services every 10K in my ownership (50K) and recently had a big service including cambelt, water pump and cam follower. I was wondering whether there are any precautionary bits that people suggest replacing? After reading the forum recently, cam...
  7. Rob C

    B Pillar Trim Rivets

    Does anyone have a part number for black rivets for the B Pillar trim? I'm having my trim replaced by a body shop next month, I have the trim but I can't find black rivets anywhere. I just ordered some from Audi direct and they were silver :(
  8. Rob C

    New clutch, what's needed...

    So I've decided to get my S3 remapped as it currently has idling issues with my VWR CAI fitted and as my clutch is temperamental I guess it would be a good idea to upgrade it before hand. After doing a lot of reading I think I am going to go for the tried and tested Sachs Organic Performance...
  9. Rob C

    Running issue, help please!

    So my S3 has started to develop an intermittent issue where occasionally when your accelerating hard in the higher gears it seems to loose power but the revs continue to increase and then the power will come back and carry on accelerating. This normally happens at about 4k rpm. I've done a scan...
  10. Rob C

    Audi S3 CAI help

    So before Christmas I bought a Revo CAI and had it fitted but I didn't like the constant loud Darth Vader sound that it produced so it came straight back off (also due to running issues it caused). My question is do the CAI's that are contained within a canister such as the Forge Twintake and...
  11. Rob C

    TT RS BBK Squeal Help!

    So I recently upgraded to the TT RS BBK to find they squeal horrendously between 10 - 0 mph. I knew this was a common issue on the TT RS\RS3 but thought it was due the the OEM Audi pads which is why I bought Ferodo's. I fitted anti vibrate pads to the back of the brake pads and this solved the...
  12. Rob C

    Revo CAI stalling issues

    I fitted my new Revo CAI last night but now the car doesn't seem to idle properly all the time. And when pulling up to a junction with the clutch down and putting it into first the revs just die and the car stalls. Doesn't splutter or anything, just dies. Anyone have any ideas as it's driving...
  13. Rob C

    Who mapped my S3?

    I bought my car as standard but after having it on a rolling road its running 303 bhp. Is there any way of telling who mapped my car? Will someone else be able to over right the current map with a new one or will it be locked in some way?
  14. Rob C

    Best place to buy Ferodo DS2500 pads?

    As the title says really. Need to buy some new pads and wondered if there were any reputable supplier/site sponsors that people could recommend that sell them at a reasonable price? Thanks, Rob
  15. Rob C

    Brake light bulb warning on DIS

    I get the brake light bulb warning on my DIS intermittently. It's not the bulb as the warning goes away and the brake light works again. I think its a dodgy wire between the bulb holder and where the wires exit the body. Are the wires to the bulb holder replaceable or are they part of the cars...
  16. Rob C

    S3 Suspension Advice

    I am looking at getting some lowering springs for the S3 to reduce the arch gap (not for performance gains). I'm trying to determine how big a drop I need but I gather the amount each kit lowers by is from the stock A3 ride height. So my question is how much lower is the S3 from the standard...
  17. Rob C

    Haldex Service Interval

    I always though the Haldex service interval on the S3's was every 40,000 miles and it was an oil and filter change. I have rang my local Audi garage and they are all telling me that it is every 3 years regardless of the mileage and only the oil needs changing. Can anyone confirm this is now...
  18. Rob C

    Clutch question

    I'm potentially looking at going Stage 2+ with my S3 which will mean I will be looking at getting a new clutch. After reading various forums I think I will go for the Sachs Organics Clutch + LUK DMF. This is all very new to me so I am just trying to work out what parts I need, so is it just...
  19. Rob C

    H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers

    Hi I am after some H&R Trak+ 10mm and 12mm hubcentric wheel spacers with bolts to fit my 2007 S3 8P that has the standard pre facelift S3 alloys. Do ASN members get discount off the prices stated on your website? Many thanks, Rob
  20. Rob C

    Chorus II+ to iPod Options

    My friend has just bought an Audi A3 8P3 and it has a Chorus II+ (the double din one) and she wants to be able to connect her iPod to it. I intend to buy a Connects2 and couple it with a Tune2Air so she can play music wirelessly. I’m not keen on having to drill holes in her dash etc so was...