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  1. Sam Axon

    For Sale Audi S3 8P 2009 Facelift

    For sale is my S3 8P 2009 facelift. Specs are as follows; 132000 miles with FSH main dealer & specialist. Exterior the car is pretty good for it's age. A few stone chips on the bonnet but nothing significant. In Phantom Black. H&R Springs H&R ARB's Scorpion downpipe and sports cat fitted...
  2. Sam Axon

    Car keeps alarming Help Required! S3 8P

    Car; Audi S3 8P 3 Door So randomly the other night at 5am my car started alarming, so attended it and reset ok. last night at 12am again randomly went off and reset ok, parked up at work today locked it and walked away and it realarmed. Turned off the interior scan and movement sensor walked...
  3. Sam Axon

    For Sale Audi S3 8P 2009

    For sale is my S3 8P 2009 facelift. Specs are as follows; 128000 miles with FSH main dealer & specialist. Exterior of the car is pretty good for it's age. In Phantom Black. H&R Springs H&R ARB's Scorpion downpipe and sports cat fitted Milltek Cat-Back Non-Res Ceramic Black Tips Ramair air...
  4. Sam Axon

    Windscreen Claim

    Didn't know if anyone could help - I'm insured with AF and my windscreen is not in the best condition, when the sun shines on it I get a horrible glare and reduced visibility due to the stone chips/scratches, which in the mornings going to work is pretty dangerous with the low sun I can hardly...
  5. Sam Axon

    BCS Powervalve Exhaust System Help

    Looking into getting myself a BCS powervalve system if I manage to sell my Wingbacks. Just got a couple of questions if anyone can help. - Currently I have a scorpion 3" downpipe and sports cat going to a 'oem' cat back. Will the BCS system match upto the scorpion as I don't want to change it...
  6. Sam Axon

    S3 8P No Radio Stations are being found

    As above, my S3 isn't finding any radio stations just a lot of static. I plugged in vcds and got these faults, if anyone can tell me what my issue is would be greatly appreciated. Address 56: Radio Labels: 8E0-035-192-RNSE.clb Control Module Part Number: 8P0 035 193 G HW: 8P0 035 193 G...
  7. Sam Axon

    Disabling Brake Pad Wear Indicator VCDS S3 8P

    Just would like to know how to disable the wear indicator. My track pads don't have a sensor so want it off. Currently going : 17-Instruments Coding-07 Software code is : 0037428 The helper doesn't state brake pads anywhere and it's different from my old mk5 gti. Any help appreciated...
  8. Sam Axon

    Carista on S3 8P

    Does the Carista dongle/app allow you to view live data? If so can it read oil temperature? Currently using torque and doesn't allow you to view it. Thanks.
  9. Sam Axon


    Hi guys, I'm booked on for Bedford GT Circuit 24th March. Is anyone else attending? Would be cool to meet some fellow S3 Owners. Let me know, Will be doing a few more this year. Cheers!
  10. Sam Axon

    Dis-assembling Wingback Seats

    Looking to get the back plastic parts of my wingbacks repainted. Does anyone know how to dismantle them? Obviously its in 3 sections, the two side pieces and the main middle section. Just don't want to get this wrong! Thanks in advance!
  11. Sam Axon

    S3 8P Standard Airbox Mounts

    When I initially removed my original S3 engine cover with built in filter the 2 rear mounts were damaged and shattered on removal. I was wondering if anyone know the part numbers of them at all? I remember there two were screwed into the heat shield? I still have the front ones.
  12. Sam Axon

    Mirror Covers

    I have a 2009 S3 and just wondering with regards to the mirror covers are they the same from 2008 facelift through to 2012 end of production? I know the prefacelift ones are different. Trying to order some new ones and want to be sure. Cheers
  13. Sam Axon

    Headlight Facing Down S3 8P

    Noticed this morning when i turned my lights on the N/S headlight did its range control dip and then didnt return up. the O/S did and works fine. Anything I can check or is the motor for the headlight U/S ? Cheers
  14. Sam Axon

    S3 8P ARB Replacement

    Just bought a set of H&R ARB's from @DPM - while it is being delivered are there any consumables I will need to replace whilst its apart? Are subframe bolts stretch bolts? Or is there anything else anyone would recommended buying etc. Thanks in advance.
  15. Sam Axon

    Stage 2+ Questions

    Hoping to head to stage 2+ after Christmas as I managed to get a HPFP cheap over Black Friday. Car is currently running the following; - RamAir Oversized Intake - Scorpion Sports Cat @ Cat Back Exhaust - GFB DV+ - Autotech HPFP (to be fitted) - RS4 Fuel Valve (to be fitted) - Runner Flap Delete...
  16. Sam Axon

    MFSW Not Working S3 8P '09

    I have a FBMFSW on my S3 on the weekend I disconnected the air bag and removed it from the wheel to change out the surround from silver to black. I put it all back together and clipped the loom back in. This morning in the dark on the way to work I noticed the lights weren't on the wheel and...
  17. Sam Axon

    Rocker Cover HELP!

    My rocker cover is missing the oil extension and i want to buy a cover with it fitted. Can someone tell me if part numbers: 06F103469K 06F103469F can both be used? Looking at a couple currently and not sure which one is suited best. From what I gather both would fit my s3 8P 2009. Just want to...
  18. Sam Axon

    Oil Filler Extension Piece

    Just fitted my TTS engine cover, one thing bugging me is the fact the extension piece is missing so you can't see my oil cap. Has anyone got a link or part number for the extension? Thanks Sam
  19. Sam Axon

    Audi-Sport Purchases

    Damian, I was wondering if you guys offer any discount etc for audi sport members? Looking to buy some H&R springs for my S3 8p. Cheers Sam
  20. Sam Axon

    S3 8P (3dr) Lowering Springs

    Looking for some lowering springs to fit on my S3. I was going to go for coilovers but I've decided against the cost and though for the 20/30mm drop I want springs are most cost effective. So what springs have you fitted? What's best? Pictures would be appreciated. Tia.