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  1. Aoon_M

    For Sale A3 8V MIB1 High Plug and Play Package

    A3 8V MIB1 plug and play package available for sale 2020 maps, screen, centre panel, mib1 unit excellent condition £800
  2. Aoon_M

    PSA: Milltek Catback Exhaust System - Pre-Facelift RS3 8V

    Thought I'd make this post to clear a few things up regarding RS3 8v (pre facelift) and exhaust systems. Do NOT even think about buying the Milltek system for the pre facelift RS3 8V. If you want a sports exhaust system, get in touch and I will source you one. They are the same price. The...
  3. Aoon_M

    Audi Smart key Fob Upgrade

    Me and @DJAlix have been hard at work at this one and it can now be done! So much nicer than the regular A3 smart key.
  4. Aoon_M

    Audi Smart Key Fob Upgrade

    Me and @DJAlix have been hard at work at this one and it can now be done! So much nicer than the regular A3 smart key.
  5. Aoon_M

    Facelift RS3 Genuine Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

    Okay looks like I was wrong, Some aluminium block 5 cylinder cars come with secondary catalysts. This is very weird. All the development pictures showed bypass pipes... EDIT: looks like it depends on where you are in the world to see if you get secondary cats or bypass pipes from factory (UK...
  6. Aoon_M

    [How To] HBA Retrofit on 8V/MQB Platform

    Thought I'd stick up a guide for this seeing as theres no info whatsoever on the net. This will only work on cars that have an 'HIGH' CAN Gateway. If you don't have one you must install that also.. First you'll need to source yourself a rear view mirror that supports HBA. German eBay is best...
  7. Aoon_M

    Anyone with High Beam Assist + VCDS?

    Anyone got High Beam Assist + VCDS? (Not the lane assist type..) I need an autoscan if possible as I'm retrofitting, but I keep getting 'Main Beam assist: System Malfunction' :blink:
  8. Aoon_M

    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    So my new toy has finally arrived, I tend to get carried away when tinkering with cars and the plan with this is to go TTE500. Previous project threads - Audi TTS, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG And so it begins, Picked it up on the 17/03/16 from Glasgow Audi. Nardo grey with pretty much all bells &...
  9. Aoon_M

    New RS3 Owner

    So, looks like I'll be joining you guys later this month! Went in to Audi yesterday and managed to grab a cancelation. Coming from a stage 2 436bhp / 504ft-lbs Mercedes A45 AMG, it'll be a nice upgrade! If you know me from other forums you'll know I'm not one to mess about, Stage 3 RS3 coming...
  10. Aoon_M

    Any Ex A45 AMG Owners?

    Well? Opinions? Should I get the popcorn out? :D