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    P0299 Underboost condition oil by turbo

    Car threw a CEL two weeks ago did a scan using VCDS and got this: 1 Fault Found: 000665 - Boost Pressure Regulation P0299 - 000 - Control Range Not Reached - MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 11100000 Fault Priority: 2 Fault Frequency: 2 Reset counter: 255 Mileage: 127053 km...
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    Improving the stock alarm?

    Is there anyway I can make this louder? My car was broke into last night alarm went off but no one heard it - gutted.
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    Spigot ring size for 18" rotor reps?

    I've tried measuring them and bought two lots (63.4 and 64) but they're still too small anyone have the size?
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    New approach to retro fitting a auto dimming mirror

    I always wanted to do this mod on my old A3 but never got round to it so going to do it on the new one. I start by removing the plug off the end and pulling the wiring out the back Pop the mirror off the bracket some force required here Cut off the ball part off the auto mirror bracket Get a...
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    Installing Dynavin into A3 Sline with bose

    Well I had this installed into my old A3 and now transferring it to my new one however I can't seem to get rid of the horrible whining and interference. It came with a RCA filter but when I put this on I can't hear anything anyone got a wiring diagram or some instructions the manual is ****.
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    Someone to fit cruise in the South West

    Alright guys know its been a while but due to a new family member we have had to buy a 5 door I wasn't however willing to comprise so I bought an 09 2.0 TDI Black Edition I do however need cruise fitting and coding in the South West anyone about to do that? Picking it up Thursday can't wait! :D
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    RNS-E Car PC

    Well its modding time with my recently purchased RNS-E (not 2010) and I plan to do what this guy has done here However I have one of these xtreamer ultra which quite honestly is **** for a HTPC but perfect for a car pc with 128gb SSD ;) Specs: Intel® Atom™ D525 processor (1.8 GHz...
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    New toys fitted at bargain prices!

    Hey guys it been a while been busy with work, house etc So i've been adding some bits but only if i get it cheap off ebay first off: Pedals- £35 posted £250 posted, checked out this guys ebay feedback he had bought it last year so all checked out.. its a 2010 dont know much about these...
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    Failed my MOT at main dealer how much will this cost?

    Hey guys took my car for mot and it failed can you believe it? Its failed on offside rear lower (inner forward) suspension arm 2.4.G.3 any idea how much it will cost at Audi to get it sorted? Or is it an easy job I can do myself with basic tools? Car is 2007 3dr thanks Sent from my HD7 T9292...
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    Changing the head lining to black also will it require coding?

    Right guys I'm finally doing my first mod and changing over to a s-line black headlining. I got all the parts lights/sun visors everything for £50 collected! but I've noticed something different there's a light under the sun visors so would mine have those wires or will i need to do some wiring...
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    Looking for some winter wheels

    Hey guys not been on here in a while just busy at work lately, I want to start preparing for the winter so i've decided to buy some standard steel wheels and pop some winter tyres on. I found some wheels off a 1999 passat which look like they are 5x112 problem is that they are 15" and I'm...
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    Do I have DIS?

    Im getting my cruise control fitted tomorrow but guy at work said i don't have DIS... im pretty sure I do though I got the display in the middle of my clocks Looks like that but its red has computer 1 and 2 mpg etc but I can't get into the menu system to do other stuff :| and apparently...
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    Hey just bought A3 2.0 TDI 8P

    Hey my names Tom, I live in Tiverton, Devon and i'm one of the administrators from i've had two 306's and a Citroen C4... well the C4 had so many problems since day one of owning it. I had an accident back in December 2010 old lady went round the roundabout the wrong way :ermm: and it...