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    Larger master cylinder

    I have searched online for a larger master cylinder for the 8l s3/mk4 golf but there’s not much info about it, just a lot of dead end threads, there is some talk of a transporter one but nothing solid. Here is my experiment, it’s a 26mm master cylinder and it involves turning the servo 90...
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    S3 Servo FL and PFL difference?

    Does anyone have a picture of a facelift 8L S3 servo? Do they have an electrical sensor on them like a pre facelift servo?
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    Uprated engine mounts

    Does anyone here use a set of these engine mounts? I have driven a car with a set of green stage 2 mounts and the dash viabrated at idle
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    Needle sweep

    Does anyone have needle sweep on their S3 cluster? I’ve been looking on ‘mk4 golf cluster mods’ Facebook group and it’s a very popular mod at the moment, also they can make the led sweep. It seems they use vag eeprom to edit the eprom and there is also a “patch” mentioned to make needle sweep work
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    07K/Rs3/TTRS engine in 8L

    Can anyone point me in the direction of any build threads for 8L S3 with 07K/Rs3/TTRS engine? Are there any owners on here?
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    GTD engine in S3

    This is my 2001 audi S3 that I converted to diesel, I put a 2009 CR170 engine in it this summer, it has dpf and egr delete and is remapped to approximately 200bhp, I converted it because I wanted a cheap to run daily as I own a few other thirsty petrol cars. I've fitted Brembo 18z's with R32...
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    part number help

    How can I find out the part number of this plate holder? would it be a japan only spec part?
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    pole positions in S3?

    I searched but did not find an answer, I have recaro pole positions from a tt and would like to fit them to my 8L S3, is it possible to unbolt the 8L recaro seats from the subfames and bolt in the pole positions with the tt side mounts and runners? The 8L recaro has a 3 point subframe that fits...