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  1. Jay1983

    Remus carbon after ceramic coating

    Thanks to mike from motech. Had this beautiful creation fitted pure carbon. Sounds fantastic too Just after my ceramic coating too
  2. Jay1983


    Sorry guys. Probably another repeated question My s1 is coming up to 500 mile mark over a month ownership. And looking to liven up the tone. My question is. What exhaust would you all recommend? And will it affect the cars warranty at all ? Im based in Buckinghamshire so best audi specialists...
  3. Jay1983

    Folding mirrors issue and collecting next Friday

    Hi guys Just been to audi to have a pre collection inspiration on my new s1 round 2 lol And it seems like audi have fixed the electric folding mirrors issue where you were not able to fold/unfold them via the key fob When you lock and unlock the mirrors now actively work on the key now My...
  4. Jay1983

    Sd card slots

    good morning guys Im picking up my 2nd s1 in the next week or so. And was wondering what is the best sd card for the audio system im looking at transferring all my cds to a sd card for the car when it comes. Also how do i get album artwork from itunes to the car display Sorry its a silly...
  5. Jay1983

    2nd new s1 ordered Lets hope it dose not decide to break

    so after my last update Audi have finally realised the cars dangerous and not fit for purpose I was at the dealership yesterday placing my new order I got advanced key for my compensation ( that im not ending there at all Looking for a may collection but. Are the build dates longer now ...
  6. Jay1983

    Am i in my rights to ask for a new ordered car

    just a quick note I have had a horrible steering issue with squeaking and sticking in the steering wheel I picked up my new order end of November After a week had audi recovery out to fix it They could not so into the garage she goes They changed slip rigs and after aweek it returns Its...
  7. Jay1983

    Had tye car detailed and paint protected for the day. Expensive but worth it

    hi guys a local detailer i know in Bedfordshire Had my car for the day. I chucked him a few 100quid and with a devils blood ceramic coating etc now detailing products and 9hours work This is the results Pleased is not the word. The car looked exactly the colour it should now. These are normal...
  8. Jay1983

    Insane squeaking noise

    Hi guys. Owned my new factory order s1 for nearly 2weeks now. And only done 200 miles in it so far and theres a annoying squeaking noise coming from the steering wheel when I turn. The smallest movement its driving me mad. I will be calling audi but is this common. Like mice are living in my...
  9. Jay1983

    Got her back through the weather in one piece my collection

    was a long hanover. But managed to get on top of my Quattro puddle lights that ant here yet A Quattro key ring. Umbrella. Mug. And coffee thromo for the car Here she is. Pics dont do justice and im not good with cameras
  10. Jay1983

    Handover tomorrow

    Cant wait my 4 month wait is nearly over. Collecting tomorrow at 12 Really cant wait. Pictures will follow of the sepang blue
  11. Jay1983

    Strange dealer situation on my hands

    hi guys. I have a strange dealer lie situation on my hands and is starting to worry me. As a few of you have been reading my threads about my 3 week wait at emden etc Well today i had to force my way into the dealers to sign docs today. As last week received calls stating my cars in ready...
  12. Jay1983

    Info on emden shipping

    Hi guys. I wonder if anyone can post some light on this. As i have been searching and had no luck. My car left the factory and has been on this screen for 2weeks now. Im trying to find out what boats they use to ship the cars over. Its getting annoying now even my dealer sead no more then 7...
  13. Jay1983

    Waiting for my s1 and looking into A.B.T. Upgrade exhaust

    Hi there Im new here and posted my first tread few days ago I have placed my order with Northampton dealers. I was sorting the dots an ts and we were talking about upgrates ie maps an exhaust upgrades I was told in short terms when the car arrives we have a team that can fit abt exauests to...
  14. Jay1983

    New s1 ordered in Milton Keynes

    hi guys. Im new this forum Im excited to say i have an a3 sline c.o.d. An popped into northhamtons audi dealers and after a few test drives an haggling from dealer to dealer Placed my order for an s1 and got the buzz i just want to keep popping in an test driving them lol Have factory...