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  1. Danny-boy

    Remote key flashing

    Hi all, 2014 A7, which I believe is the same key as the A6. The remote key still works but the little light flashes red a couple of times after activation. Does this mean it's lost coding or battery is low? I haven't changed or attempted to change the battery. Thanks
  2. Danny-boy

    A7 Aftermarket LED Lighting

    Hi all, I have searched but come up with nothing!!! Does anybody know of a list of interior bulbs for the A7 with the interior light pack? I want to swap to LED but can't find a list with types and sizes. If there isn't, maybe I'd better do it myself [emoji1] Also, can anybody tell me if...
  3. Danny-boy

    New A7 Owner Here

    Hi all, A7 forum is very quiet so thought I'd post here too. Just bought myself a 2014 A7 245ps s-tronic Black Edition, in Glacier white metallic. Don't get it for 2 weeks, but I'm very excited. Hopefully a step up from my current E220. Looks like I got some good options on it, but I'm...
  4. Danny-boy

    New A7 Black Edition Owner Here

    Hi all, Just bought myself a 2014 A7 245ps s-tronic Black Edition, in Glacier white metallic. Don't get it for 2 weeks, but I'm very excited. Hopefully a step up from my current E220 [emoji1] Looks like I got some good options on it, but I'm yet to actually understand what they all mean...
  5. Danny-boy

    A4 B7 2.0 TFSi - DV Noise

    Hi all, Since I bought my car, I noticed what I assume to be a noisy diverter valve. Assumed it was split, so changed to a rev D. Power jumped hugely, but the noise is still apparent. The noise in question is a fast ticking / whirring noise when revs are dropping. It happens when driving...
  6. Danny-boy

    S3 Mirrors Stolen - Birmingham

    Went to get my hair cut earlier, my barbers son has a new S3. His mirrors were stolen two nights ago on the drive, cables cut etc. Bad news, just thought I'd give a heads up for anybody in the area with silver mirrors. They are highly likely to get taken from what I have heard.
  7. Danny-boy

    iPhone link & stock CD changer?

    Hi all, 2005 B7 2.0T with (I believe) Concert 2 stereo jobbie. It's single CD with 6 CD changer in the glovebox. I'd love to be able to play music from my iphone, no need to control it from the head unit or see tracks etc. I have no controls on my wheel. Can I do this and keep the...
  8. Danny-boy

    Part number help please

    Can anybody give me the part number for the serpentine belt tensioner on my 2005 B7 2.0tfsi fwd? Cheers
  9. Danny-boy

    10mm Wheel Spacer Advice

    Hi all, I need some 10mm (per side) spacers for the rear of my B7 A4 2.0T with extended taper bolts. Have heard recently that some don't fit, so I need some that do. I'm happy to buy bolts separately if somebody can tell me the dims for 10mm extended. Do they need to be hubcentric if the...
  10. Danny-boy

    Lowering Springs, again...

    Hi, I want to lower my 2.0T B7 on stock sport shocks. It's an s-line. I want 25mm ish drop, what is best for me? I thought rear lowering springs only and B5 perches for the front? Or Eibach Pro Kit? Thanks
  11. Danny-boy

    Brake Pad Retaining Clips - Part Number

    Hi all, Does anybody know the part number for the 2.0Tfsi brake pad retaining clips on the front calipers? They are the one with the square part that sits on the front of the caliper. Cheers
  12. Danny-boy

    Calipers Painted - that's all

    Hi all, Painted my calipers today, £10 mod and I'm quite pleased with myself. Not the most interesting, but thought I would share. Brake discs are rusted as the wife is away and I'm using her company 3-series, free fuel and that so I'd be daft not to.
  13. Danny-boy

    Undertray Fitting help!!

    Hi all, Bought all the bits to reaffix my plastic undertrays, but I don't know where they go!!! Any tips would be most welcome. Cheers
  14. Danny-boy

    Cupra lip / Splitter

    Hi all, I phoned my local Seat dealer today and they want £50 for the splitter. He knew what the item was before I even finished reading the part number, demand must be high. Where can I get one cheaper, I was lead to think that it was about £35. Cheers
  15. Danny-boy

    Trade Parts Specialist (TPS)

    Hi all, I have seen a lot of people say they but bits from TPS, but it looks like they do not serve the general public. Do people just sign up as a trader? Thanks
  16. Danny-boy

    Changing Wiper Blades

    Just a little rant really, that's the most difficult wiper blade swap I have ever done!!!! Replaced with genuine Audi wipers, the old ones had fused themselves onto the ends of the arms. Half hour, all done now but highly frustrating.
  17. Danny-boy

    Fitting Depo LED Rear Lights - A4 B7 Saloon

    Hi all, Just received a set of these Instructions are here Now my car does not monitor lights, so my question is, do I need to fit the resistor packs or can I just link out the contacts? They look fairly bulky!!!! Cheers.
  18. Danny-boy

    Horrible noise in engine bay

    Hi all, I have a 2005 B7 2.0T FWD. Last Monday I started the car in the morning to a nasty noise from the front at idle. Sounded like a fan blade catching on something, frequency increased with revs and then disappeared after 5 mins driving. Checked oil level and was at minimum so topped...
  19. Danny-boy

    Converting from Halogen to Xenon

    Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of converting my halogen headlights to projector xenon. The kit I'm looking at is this one: - Sounds like lots have done it in the USA, has anybody over here done it successfully? Cheers Dan
  20. Danny-boy

    Lamin-X Headlight Protection Film

    Hi all, Tried the fly-eyes kit today, and although easy to install, it looked pretty rubbish - kinda like the old Vauxhall Nova "tights over the lights" trick. So I have decided to go down the Lamin-X subtle tint film route instead. Just measured and costed it up for my car and it comes out...