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    BCS Powervalve Exhaust for sale

    BCS Powervalve turbo back with 200 cell sport cat for an 8P Audi S3 3door for sale. Exhaust not even 12months old. Selling as I'm changing my car. Photos will be uploaded on the weekend as the car is in the garage having the exhaust removed. £700 ono Contact 07534815289 Sent from my SM-G930F...
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    Tyre noise

    Has anyone had any issues with tyre noise on their Audi S3 8P? I've got a whining noise. When I drive down a fresh tarmac road and out the car into neutral and coast in neutral there is a loud whining noise. I thought it could have been the transfer box, rear haldex diff or a wheel bearing, but...
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    Audi S3 8P Transfer box

    Hoping someone can help me out. Can't find anything on Google but was wondering can you fit an Audi S3 8V transfer box to and Audi S3 8P? Or does anyone know for a tidy Audi S3 8P Transfer box for sale? Cheers in advance.
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    Air filter and intercooler

    Hi I'm looking to get an intercooler for S3 probably going to go for the Airtec as that's what most people are saying to get. Does anyone know a good place to get one from? Also wondering what air filter to get if any of you have got any suggestions? What's the thoughts on panel or cone...
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    Rims advice

    Orite guys, Very greatful to everyone who has given me advise so far with the my mods to my S3. Have got my car booked in to BCS exhaust to get an exhaust system fitted and have just ordered an Airtec intercooler online Now I'm looking for cosmetic upgrades..can anyone help me with finding a...
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    BCS Exhaust systems

    I've just booked my S3 in for a BCS system. I have gone for the turbo back with a Cat non power valve system. What's people's thoughts on the power valve/non power valve systems? Is there any difference in performance? Cheers
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    Exhaust and intercooler advise

    Hi, I'm new to this site and was just looking for some advise on what exhausts and intercoolers you guys are using on you're S3's? I'm looking to get a Cat back exhaust system and uprated intercooler. You're help will be much appreciated, cheers!!