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    Airbag light

    Hi after abit of advice have airbag light on dash when i scan with carista i get the code 90381B or 9451547 any help in solving the problem would be grateful thanks in advance
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    Sline springs

    after a bit of advice I have a A3 8v sline 2013 what are the spring colour code thanks in advance
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    Fog light grill

    After some advice on how to remove fog grill on a 2014 sline with out breaking cant find any how to guides
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    Rear door handle

    wife just pulled rear door handle off an tips on how to remove rear door panel and help would be grateful
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    New car mileage

    looking at upgrading my 8p to second hand 8v seen one has done 89k is their any concerns with high mileage my 8p had 83k onit when bought now 181k love the reliability of it any advice would be grateful
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    New Shocks

    Hi my mot is due next month just been informed my rear shocks are leaking I have 2.0 tdi 140 sport we're is the best place to buy any advice welcome cheers
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    Drive shaft Torque settings

    I have just replaced my Ns drive shaft does any one no the correct torque settings for the six spline bolts and hub nut
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    help lower engine mount bushes

    need advice of how to put my new bushes in i took my old ones out which was a pig of a job but now their out i cant get my new ones in is their away you have to do any advice or tips would be gratefull as i am only off work tomorrow and need the car
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    Drive shaft problem

    I have a nocking noise when changeing gear and under acceleration had a look today and I have checked all engine mounts and they look fine when you jack the car up on one side at a time one side their is a lot of movement and a lot of engine movement do think the drive shaft has gone any advice...
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    Double din kit for 2006

    Hi could I have a parts list with part no for double din conversion and also climate control part no for a 2006 sportback please Many thanks
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    cambelt and waterpump clutch

    any body no where their is a good independant garage in the liverpool area that can do a cambelt and waterpump cheaper than audi dealer and any idea of a price for a new clutch thanks in advance
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    new radiator

    i have just spent two days trying to find out why i have coolant loss done all usual things looked at oil and dip stick for mayo checked all connections nothing found last place i looked was behind the fans looks like fan assembly in the middle has been rubbing now need a new radiator any ideas...
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    change from a3 to a4

    just wondering about an a4 ex company car with full audi service history my sportback is on 107k what would you accept as high milegae on an 2009 any advice would be grateful
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    new clutch price

    just wondering how much for a oem clutch for a 2.0tdi sportback sport 140 bhp my mileage is 97k fitted and what is the cheapest way if i buy how an much to fit ? cheers for any advice.
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    Sline bumper part no

    Has any one got slime front bumper part no for 2006 a3 sport 2.0tdi Cheers
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    bumper advice

    just after some advice on my front bumper i have a a3 sport sportback 140 on a 55/06 plate somebody scraped pasenger side in asda carpark on just got off :scared2: just wonder if A3 front bumper 2008 model facelift .The bumper is genuine Audi part no '8PO 807 437 H' will it fit any advice...
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    wheel advice

    can any one tell me if these alloys will fit i only have the part number 8E0 601 025 AK 8.0J X18H2 ET 43 they are off an A4 s line and will they fit my a3 sportback sport not to sure on alloys cheers for any advice
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    fuel filter

    just been to buy a new fuel filter but the guy said their is three types i have a 2.0tdi sportback sport 140bh 2005 any one have a part number and where i is the best place to get one any advice or help would be grateful
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    wheel advice

    can anyone give me some advice on oem alloys i have 06 a3 sportback sport 140bhp currently got sport alloys 7.5j 17 et 56. I am thinking of 75j 18hz et54 are their any good or bad points to consider not sure what offset means i have read about spacers lowering would like to be able to just buy...
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    Brake disc sizes 2.0 tdi sport

    can any body help i am after some new brakes and discs but not sure what sizes they are i have a 2.0tdi sportback 140bhp on a 2006 plate their is different sizes for the front and not sure about the rear and also their is drilled grooved flat which are the safest and what kind of pads do you...