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  1. ollie2013uk

    RS3 OPF Exhaust

    I'm really struggling with the chocked sound of the exhaust on my RS3. I've got the factory sports exhaust fitted from new. Has anyone taken this off and replaced it with a miltek or remus cat back and left the OPF filters alone? If so what sort of sound are you getting?
  2. ollie2013uk

    Hands free quality

    Hi all, Does anyone else have people tell them that their hands free sound quality is awful? I constantly have been people tell me that it sounds like I’ve got all my windows open!
  3. ollie2013uk

    Wanted RS3 Wheel Wanted (Front)

    Has anyone got in good condition a front wheel for a 2019 Rs3 like pictured?
  4. ollie2013uk

    New Exhaust

    Is there any exhaust that is approved by Audi that would make the Rs3 sound a little more exciting but not cause any issues with the warranty?
  5. ollie2013uk

    Wanting to trade up from S3

    So, I've been looking for a while to come out of my S3 into an Rs3. It seems like the right thing to do. I currently pay in the region of 350 per month for the S3 but have only a couple of grand equity in it. My question is, do I chuck 20k down as a deposit for the Rs3 or do I not? Also, what...
  6. ollie2013uk

    Speed Limit on dash

    Is there anyway to get the speed limit of the road to appear within the dash (virtual dash) like on the BMW's rather than on the sat nav screen? My 1 series has it and it find it really useful.
  7. ollie2013uk

    Virtual Cockpit Upgrade Norfolk

    Can anyone from the Norfolk area enable the power and torque dials on my virtual dash?
  8. ollie2013uk

    Condensation in headlight

    Has anyone else had this on there new Audi's? Really annoying for a car of 6 months old!! When it's rained & After a wash:
  9. ollie2013uk

    S3 Resonator Delete

    Does anyone know the part audi part number for the resonator delete pipe? Also, does it affect your warranty in anyway?
  10. ollie2013uk

    S3 Tracker

    Bit the bullet and had ordered a Trackstar TM470 more for piece of mind than anything else. Has anyone else gone done the tracker route?
  11. ollie2013uk

    Virtual Cockpit KPH

    Is there anyway of changing the speedo from MPH to KPH? Going to lemans on wednesday wouldn't mind knowing my speed!!
  12. ollie2013uk

    MMi Wifi Etc Questions

    Has anyone had a play around with their cars MMI? I thought it came with a WIFI hotspot that was activated for 36 months? I can't seem to find any literature on it?
  13. ollie2013uk

    New Audi, Any Regrets?

    I regret not getting the folding mirrors on my S3 now!!
  14. ollie2013uk

    Volkswagen Financial Services Credit Search

    Has anyone else who's bought a new car had this? I was search 3 days before I picked up my car!! I didn't give permission for this to happen?! I obviously did for the initial search but not a 2nd one!!
  15. ollie2013uk

    Sat Nav Speed Cameras

    Does anyone know if there is an option to have speed cameras shown on the sat nav?
  16. ollie2013uk

    Audi PCP Deals

    Is it just me or are audi not doing many PCP deals at the moment? I am torn between the M140 and the S3 but I can't seem to find an Audi deal anything like a BMW deal at the moment!
  17. ollie2013uk

    Mk1 TT Idle issues (225 BAM)

    Evening all, I acquired a rather problematic TT last night, it will not idle, however it will rev up. I have replaced the TB, MAF sensor & Temp Sensor. I don't have VAG Com but I do have delphi on my mac and it is throwing up every error under the sun. It did start earlier and run...
  18. ollie2013uk

    Red Mk1 TT

    Red Audi TT Mk1 on the A47 today racing me in a blue S4. Wow that thing was quick!!
  19. ollie2013uk

    Air Bag Light

    Is anyone in the Norfolk area able to sort out my airbag light for me please? I'll obviously pay if no one on here can do it it will be getting booked into Audi in the next couple of weeks so thought i'd throw it out there for someone on here to have a go?! Ollie
  20. ollie2013uk

    MK1 TT Water Leak

    HI all, I have a MK1 TT currently in the garage with a sodden passenger footwell. I've removed the door seal and blown the air line down the seal which blew alot of crap out. I have read online that the rear drains also clog up alot on these models. I am yet to remove the rear wheel arch and...