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  1. Euans2

    Efficiency mode

    Mines doesn’t have efficiency mode ether, it’s a 2019 35 tfsi with the revised bumpers
  2. Euans2

    Why do you hate the new A3/S3 8Y?

    I hate it because I own one of the early ones with with the ****** 2019 mmi software which is for ever having issues until its at the Audi garage
  3. Euans2

    My Audi & Audi connect errors

    tell me about it, they want to keep the car in overnight so as a master tech can look at it tomorrow but they aren’t able to give me a courtesy car so I’ve had to decline so I’ll just have to book it in for another date.
  4. Euans2

    My Audi & Audi connect errors

    So my car is in with Audi at the moment, I’ve just had a call from them to tell me that the car has been connecting to their phones fine and that they can’t find anything wrong with it... Great, I must be imagining it not connecting all those times?
  5. Euans2

    My Audi & Audi connect errors

    Mines is booked in with Audi on the 4th to have a look at connection issues, sometimes its really slow connecting and sometimes it just doesn't connect at all
  6. Euans2

    Autocar Audi S3 Saloon review

    Thankfully, not all the models have the stitching on the dash
  7. Euans2

    Anyone ordered a new S3 yet?

    The option is still there to use manual in drive mode, I use it often when going up and down hills, admittedly I’ve not tried it in snow yet
  8. Euans2

    Autocar Audi S3 Saloon review

    I own both an 8v and an 8y, imo, the interior on the 8v is starting to look a bit dated, however, there is no escaping that some or the plastics are nicer in the 8v but that doesn’t make the 8y a horrible place to be, I find it quite pleasing, most of the lower quality plastics are in areas that...
  9. Euans2

    Anyone ordered a new S3 yet?

    pushing back on the gear selector puts it into sport mode or drive mode, it’s sprung loaded so always returns the middle. Selecting manual is done by touching the paddles... this is the first S-Tronic I’ve owned so not sure how that differs to the previous versions
  10. Euans2

    Anyone ordered a new S3 yet?

    When using the paddles in drive mode it reverts back to drive after a few seconds of inactivity but if it’s in sport mode when using the paddles it will stay in manual mode until you select drive again
  11. Euans2

    Juddering 1.5L VAG engines

    hmmmm someone must have forgot to install mines with the “ooooodles of turbo lag” at the factory! Also it’s perfectly capable of overtaking without dropping 2 or 3 gears let’s be honest here, nether the 1.8 or the 1.5 are performance engines! I’ve owned both, 1.8 in and 8v and 1.5 in an 8y, the...
  12. Euans2

    Juddering 1.5L VAG engines

    It’s pretty good tbh, on a run from Edinburgh to Oban is was returning 54mpg there and back, around town I’m high 30’s to mid 40’s. it’s the stronic with mild hybrid so I don’t know how much of a difference that makes over the normal manual models
  13. Euans2

    Audi A3 30TFSI s-line

    Log into myAudi and register your car with it and you should see the cars spec
  14. Euans2

    Juddering 1.5L VAG engines

    I must be lucky as mines is nether lack-lister or juddering, so far, everyone that has been in my car has commented on how smooth it is, as for performance, I can’t tell the difference between this new 1.5 and my old 1.8tsi 8v A3.
  15. Euans2

    A3 Sportback CarPlay issue

    I've had similar issues with mines, sometimes it wont connect which can be really frustrating, especially when I have to get out the car, lock it up, reopen and start again, it normally works after that. I spoke to Audi UK and they said that there isn't any updates available yet.
  16. Euans2

    OTA Firmware Updates

    It definitely does for map updates as mines updated the other day. I've not seen anything for firmware as of yet
  17. Euans2

    Hi Ben.

    Hi Ben.
  18. Euans2

    RNS-E theft prevention measures, suggestions?

    That's all good and well but what if you have an issue with your RNSE which requires you to remove it from the car yourself
  19. Euans2

    Milltek exhaust

    Here is my old car with 100mm tips on them, I cant really remember if they were Jet or GT though, GT seems to ring a bell though As above I would have a look at BCS, I currently have a BCS on my new car and I find that it is better in every department, the quality is better with nicer welds...
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    8.5 out of 10 for me, I'd rate it as one of the best films i've seen this year