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  1. Jigs

    B&0 Soundsystem sounding faulty

    I'm having trouble with the sound of my audio system. Some tracks sound great, but others have distorting mids coming from what I imagine is the top of the dash. Tracks like Pink Floyd - On The Run in parts of it and Aphex Twin - Actium through most of it have a farty, rattly sounding midrange...
  2. Jigs

    Is there a way to find out the full extent of what my car has/doesn't have?

    Newb question, but i'm very new to Audis and many of the features of their cars and still haven't figure out a lot of stuff. I've very recently purchased a 66 3.0 TDI S Line. It comes with a lot of nice visual features such as Virtual Cockpit and MMI Plus, B&O soundsystem, Technology pack etc...