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  1. Ibis Rob

    B8.5 S-line brake disk diameter

    Evening folks. Had the car in with the stealers today for its service, all went well apart from two issues. One been a rusty exhaust clamp and the second to be told was the front discs that had worn to the Audi measurement of 125% worn. Anyway I’m going to replace them myself but I seem to be...
  2. Ibis Rob

    Remapping 148hp CSUA

    Recently purchased a 2015 A4 sline black edition Nav and over the moon with it. After coming out of a 2010 A4 sline there’s noticeable improvements all over but now to the other part, my old A4 had the CAHA 170hp engine, but my new A4 has the 148hp CSUA engine. The power difference doesn’t look...
  3. Ibis Rob

    B8 front left brake caliper replacement

    In need of a new brake caliper for the front left hand side of a 2010 sline 170 bhp model. Just landed into work and heard all this squealing coming from the front and went out and checked only to find a nice ball of heat coming from the disc.
  4. Ibis Rob

    61.4 mpg I wish

    We all know the DIS isn't exactly accurate. I changed my tyres the weekend to khumo ecsta Le sport and over the course of 300 miles the mpg has steadily been rising. This mornings trip home in normal traffic got up to 61.4mpg.
  5. Ibis Rob

    ESP light on after cruise retrofit

    Hi folks, finally got my cruise control fitted. Found the slip ring with all stalks attached for under 100 quid. Had a local auto electrical garage code it in with there vcds. Everything works as it should but the esp light is on constant since I got it done. He said it'll go off after a few...
  6. Ibis Rob

    1AS to 1AT abs control module

    Planning on retrofitting auto hill hold assist but my b8 has the 1AS abs module. With so many scrapped b8s popping up now and parts getting cheaper I want to fit the 1AT abs module. Not much info online about the swap. Is it just the module you can swap out or has the entire module with pipe...
  7. Ibis Rob

    Aftermarket intergrated nav option

    Been browsing Google looking at retrofits as you on your days off. Came across this sat nav, Bluetooth intergration option for us people unfortunate not to have MMI sat nav from factory but is 100% compatable with concert and symphony . Company is called dynavin and its suppose to be plug and...
  8. Ibis Rob

    VCDS Southern Ireland, any users in Limerick

    Looking for someone with VCDS to do a few of the little mods like needle sweep and so on, Close to Limerick as possible, Possibly a huge ask as there's not many VCDS users in southern Ireland.
  9. Ibis Rob

    Hi from Ireland

    Finally got my hands on my first Audi. Coming from a BMW the Audi is so much nice inside and out plus i got hold of the 170hp model so it's got the leg up on the bimmer. 2010 Sline with 86k miles on the clock. Ex English car which the last owner kept it main dealer serviced. Really happy...