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    Window rattle.

    Hi all, anyone had this problem? The drivers door/window seems to rattle from time to time on my A3 SB. The rattle happens on uneven road surfaces. If I drop the window slightly it stops. The other thing I've noticed is that it goes away if the car is wet. I can also stop it if I push outwards...
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    Installed an RNS-E into my A3

    Hi all, thanks to this forum I have read up on, bought, fitted and coded an RNS-E into my A3. I have even managed to flash the firmware to include SDS and make the Aux active (the Black Edition comes with and Aux in socket). Massive thank you to all that helped - you know who you are!! Just...
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    Painted Calipers

    I have a Ibis White A3 BE Sport back and the calipers have rusted up. Thinking about getting them painted but not sure what colour to go for. Any opinions? I'm undecided with Red, Anthracite, Black or maybe a dark blue. Anyone else done this for ideas. I also saw some ebay stick on Brembo...
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    Which Bluetooth Kit - Audi OEM or Kufatec Fiscon?

    I have just bought an used A3 Sportback black edition from an Audi Dealership. Part of the deal I struck with the dealership was to have an Audi Bluetooth kit installed. Audi arranged for a third party installer to fit this today at my work as they didn't have time to do it before I collected...