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  1. Pur8

    Rs3 grill options

    Hi guys Recently upgraded from an Audi A3 8P tdi to an 8V FL S3 and absolutely love it. After telling myself "I'm not going to mess around with this one" I now want a RS3 grill along with a few other mods, as I used to have have a honeycomb grill on my old car and miss it. My question is, can...
  2. Pur8

    Yet another FBMFSW thread

    Hi guys I wonder if any of you can help, I've searched and searched for this but the more I search the more confused I get! I have a 2010 A3 s - line sportback which is currently fitted with a multifunction steering wheel, I have purchased a TT flat bottom steering wheel from flebay (Part no...
  3. Pur8

    New ibis white 2010 tdi sportback owner

    Hi there everyone, I've been some what of a lurker on here for a few months before purchasing an A3 sportback s line 140 tdi. Glad to say, I've finally got one! (pics attached after first cleaning session). As you can see it's the s line spec but with the lower spec black edition alloys, the...