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  1. Gadget69

    SQ5 Help!! Audi Grill badge

    HELP!!! Got myself some new black badges for the SQ5 back one is easy to do with a heat gun but front one is doing my head in. I can't get anything under it to push the clips in and when I took the bonnet slam trim off and got my hands down the back there appears to be a cover over the back of...
  2. Gadget69

    SQ5 MY SQ5 is in the UK

    Chuffed to bits my car has arrived in the UK. Pick it up 1st March :racer:
  3. Gadget69

    New to Audi SQ5 on way

    Hi Guys, Been a VW owner for many years easily double figures. Just sold my MK7 Golf and have an SQ5 arriving in March. Lets hope its as good as my VW's have been over the years. Bit of a modifier, in-fact my R was the only VW I didn't play with. Good mates with all the guys at APS so the SQ5...