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  1. immo

    Need new wheel bolt

    Does anyone know where/if I can get just one from? Or can tell me the size of the bolt
  2. immo

    Rear bumper options

    I'm looking to change my rear bumper as mine has various damages/lacquer peel/paint chips/HOLES! My question is will the newer 8P3 ones fit my 8P2 fine? I like the newer rear diffusers you see. But I have parking sensors...don't know if that matters Also does anyone know a rough cost of...
  3. immo

    Ash tray light

    When taking my ashtry out for another job I noticed there is a light strip inside there and is wired up but it doesn't work. I would quite like to get it working, does anybody know the part number?
  4. immo

    Question about RNSE wiring

    What is the single wire in the blue connector for? (plugs in to where you would plug in a cd changer)Unfortunately I don't have a pic to make this clearer
  5. immo

    How to reset passenger airbag light?

    Had my glove box out at the weekend as was fitting an xcarlink and now my passenger airbag warning light is on the speedo, can I get it reset by anyone with vcds or does it need to go to Audi? Thanks
  6. immo

    RNSE screen lacquer worn off

    The best way to describe this is to post a picture. It looks like a previous owner has used some sort of abrasive cleaning product on the screen and it has worn away a coating. It looks really messy around the edge though so I want to know what I should use to try and get the rest off? I have...
  7. immo

    Strong smell (diesel?), what's wrong?

    Coming from the exhaust, only notice is when I get out of the car while the engine is still running. Very potent, must be fuel. But there's no smoke. Fairly certain this got worse when the injector recall was done. It also misfires a fair bit at low rpm. Some days it's fine though, doesn't seem...
  8. immo

    Leather seats in need of treatment

    Unfortunately the previous owner of my car did not look after the interior at all. Going to start with the seats. As you can see in the pic, the drivers seat has lots of wear from where you get in and out of it...looks worse in person to be honest!Just wondering if anyone has experienced similar...
  9. immo

    Ipod connection...what are my options?

    Feel a bit lost without my ipod in the car, SD cards & CD's aren't cutting it. I have a mk1 RNSE, no cd changer and no aux connection. What are my options for playing my ipod through the stereo and what are the costs involved? Cheaper the better really... Thanks
  10. immo

    Coolant warning light playing up

    Sometimes when I start the car the "coolant level low" light comes on the dash, but when I check under the hood it's fine and hasn't moved. Turning the car off and on again solves the problem until next time.What could this be? Some sort of faulty sensor?
  11. immo

    One-touch window up/down

    I had my battery disconnected yesterday which obviously reset the ECU, only thing I've noticed not working since is the windows don't auto wind down when u hold the button for a second - how do I fix this/turn it back on?
  12. immo

    Broken coil spring - advice

    One of my rear coil springs has broken, I'm seeing this as an opportunity to go lower...First of all does anyone know the kind of price for a single genuine spring and secondly what lowering springs are recommended and can anyone link me to a price for them?Thanks
  13. immo

    Bose does not sound right?

    I used to have a Sportback A3 which didn't have Bose (judging by the fact there was no badges on the speakers), and it had the Symphony head unit. I now have a 3dr A3 with Bose and an RNSE unit (all installed at point of manufacture) however the sound in my Sportback was tons better than what I...
  14. immo

    Issues since cambelt change

    I had my cambelt & waterpump changed last week (not at Audi) and since then there has been a rocking motion coming from underneath the car, you can feel it when sat in the car stationary with the engine running on idle, to the point where the whole car is juddering.There's also much more...
  15. immo

    Place to buy new-style RS6 alloys?

    Hi all, I really fancy the newer RS6 style alloys for my A3, can anyone recommend a good place to buy? Or even better, anyone bought reps and can comment on quality? I'm not looking to spend shed loads (think genuine from Audi are £1500+?) so i'm ok with reps. Example: