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  1. Bond Villain

    Poll: What Colour did you order/get???

    Just wondering what the spread is.... :grinning:
  2. Bond Villain

    Tech Pack or Tech Pack with Audi Connect???

    Hi all. I have ordered the tech pack. Can the Audi Connect be added later if wanted or is it installed at build?? Am I right in saying that Audi Connect lets a sim card be used. Can you link the normal Tech Pack to your phone, using your phones 4G? I would like for traffic updates to be...
  3. Bond Villain

    RS3 Questions Please Help.. (want to place an order soon)

    Hi All. I'm the new boy to this site, should this not be the right place to post please let me know. I have a few questions for those in the know that would really help before I order. Any answers are a huge help, I have never had an Audi or spent this much on a car (very excited) and don't...