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    Removing bumper - help!

    So i've spent the last hour undoing all of the torx screws etc but it's refusing to budge, seems reluctant close to the headlights on both sides, anything i've missed or any tips? Been following this - DIY: front bumper removal and blackout grille install (think i've just...
  2. J

    Replacing/swapping cracked full size grille - any recommendations in Manchester?

    As above really, bought the car with a cracked grille last year, now have the replacement part but really don't fancy taking the whole bumper off in case I scratch it, can anyone recommend a decent small/cheap bodyshop near central Manchester to do the job? Been quoted around £100+vat which...
  3. J

    TDI 170 & DPF delete = MOT pass

    Just thought i'd pass it on, mine was tested last week and passed with no problems on the smoke test. Myth = busted.
  4. J

    Emission control light, fuse 8 ok, what could it be?

    Had the DPF deleted a month ago so it's definitely not that again, the ECU was remapped though. I've checked fuse 8 and it's fine, seems to drive ok if a little rough changing when it's cold, maybe a little judder/hesitation on changes when cold. Any ideas what to look for?
  5. J

    What's it worth? - 2008 A3 sportback S Line

    Looking at selling the car to get something a little bit smaller to brand up for my little company, what do you think it's worth? It's a 2008 08 reg 2.0TDI S line 170 S-tronic, 46k miles, DPF removed and returned by BVR automotive, black, full leather, panoramic roof, xenon lights + DRLs, RNS-E...
  6. J

    Part number for TDI 170 engine cover clips please!

    Does anyone happen to know the part number? Ran a search and came up with 908 011 01 but that seems to be for the 8L from what I can see or should they fit? cheers!
  7. J

    MOT changes 2012 - Chips and DPFs, response from VOSA

    I emailed VOSA to get a definitive response over the rumours, and also statement on their website, about checking for chips, remaps and DPF deletes. Resonse below: "There will be quite a few changes to the MOT test next year but checking the mapping or "chipping" of ECUs is not included. A...
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    RNS-E DVD/SD missing from my car, best solution to replace?

    Bought the car at auction, no sat nav disc seems to be in the machine (I know they're locked in, but it says no disc), is it possible to download an up to date version to SD card rather than DVD? Possible silly question but can the CD/DVD drive take just one disc or more than one? Cheers!
  9. J

    DPF clean - worth trying or just have it removed, but does that mean MOT fail?

    As above really, currently have the glow plug, emissions and DPF lights on and yesterday it went into limp mode. Had the exhaust pressure sensor checked, sadly not the issue, so it's looking like the DPF is blocked. I've only owned it for a couple of weeks and have run it for long journeys just...
  10. J

    Which is live on the headlight wiring - brown or yellow?

    Tried setting up one of the HID kits earlier but it didn't work, just wanted to check that I had it the right way around. Can any confirm which is live, brown or yellow? Cheers
  11. J

    Can anyone recommend an Audi mechanic near Manchester?

    Had a search through but haven't found many results for Manchester and just need a part replacing in my passenger door central locking mechanism. Any recommendations? cheers
  12. J

    Removing trim around the gear stick and from the ash tray - how?

    Managed to change all of the door trims easily but am a little stuck on gear stick trim and don't want to damage it. Same goes for the ashtray - any tips? I'm replacing the wood trim for piano black. cheers!
  13. J

    2005 A3 3DR - passenger door won't unlock

    Had this problem for a while now, everything else unlocks but the passenger door doesn't. Won't unlock using the key fob or the button on the drivers side, but does when you pull the door handle from the inside. Still makes the noise but keep having to get in the car and open it from the inside...
  14. J

    Not liking my wood trim, where can I find replacements?

    I've got the wood trim in my 3 door 2005 (i didn't spec it) and want to change to silver or black but the kits dont seem that readily available from the usual places (ebay etc) Can anyone recommend an aftermarket option or somewhere to find original parts? cheers :icon_thumright:
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    Just bought an A3 and have a few issues - can u help??

    Hi, i'm new here so hello! Anyway there are a few little problems with my 2005 1.6fsi 3dr A3, and hope you can help me out. 1. The wipers are auto which is fine, but unless the car is moving they won't work at all. With the ignition on and standing still, flicking the stalk up and down does...