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  1. Morne


    Hi all looking at replacing my headlights as they are faded by the sun do i have to buy lights from a allroad or does other models have same fitment as my car thanks
  2. Morne

    Tv no working

    Hi guys i bought a Audi and it has a Navigation Plus system but i cant get the tv to work ,so im not sure i even have a tv on it and if i do what is needed to make it work
  3. Morne

    Air suspention itermitted fault

    Hi guys on my allroad the suspention will work fine one day then the next day it will only lift up on the driver side will the passanger side is low what could be the problem thanks
  4. Morne

    Fault code on my Allroad 2.7

    Hi guys i know i dont have a S4 but i have a few fault codes on my car and not sure what it means it is a 2000 Allroad 2.7t auto same engine i think as the S4 and codes are as follow 1. 17831 secondary air injector system bank 1 insufficent flow(P1423) inter mittend 2. 17819 secondary air...
  5. Morne

    Few fault codes

    Hi guys i have a few fault codes on my car and not sure what it means it is a 2000 Allroad 2.7t auto and codes are as follow 1. 17831 secondary air injector system bank 1 insufficent flow(P1423) inter mittend 2. 17819 secondary air injector system bank 2 insufficent flow(P1411) inter mittend...
  6. Morne

    Wheel fitment

    So got the new car a 2000 Allroad and want differnt alloys on it does most 5x112 alloys from Audi fit this and what should i be looking for ie fitment thanks
  7. Morne

    Bought a 2.7 auto last night

    Hi all yesterday i gat rid of my B5 S4 anmd got a 2.7 X plate Allroad. Nice car apart from the previouse owner had an really loud back box on it that after driving it last night and today to work i want to put ear plugs in. So my question is where is the best and cheapest place to buy a new back...
  8. Morne

    Getting a 2000 Allroad

    Hi guys i am swaapping my B5 S4 for a Allroad tomorrow maybe what should i be looking for it is a 2.7 on a X plate any help suggestions thanks
  9. Morne

    New discs and pads needed

    Hi all been searching the form and still not sure what to go for and where best place to find.My S4 needs new discs and pads for the front any suggestions?help really appreciated
  10. Morne

    Nasty oil leak on my S4

    Hi all my car went in for a service yesterday,when i got it back was told that both rocker covers are leaking and that underneath there is oil everywhere.So my question is if the rockers are leaking would there be much oil under the car? i thought one of my turbos were causing the oil as was...
  11. Morne

    Ko4 real or fake

    Hi found these and want to know are they the cheap grappy once or the real deal.
  12. Morne

    Heated mirrors

    Hi just want to know are bothe the side wing mirror heated or is it only the driver side one on a 1998 S4 thanks
  13. Morne

    Sunroof drains

    Ok looked on internet few forms and i cant find the rear drains for the sunroof.Took rear bumper off nothing,took inner rear wheel arches out nothing looked at pics on the net myne dont have drains where they show HELP please it is a 1998 S4 Avant The rear seat is wet looked in engine by battery...
  14. Morne

    Allroad turbo fitting or not

    Hi been offered some turbos for not much money but not sure what they.What turbos does a 2.7 Allroad year 2000 or 2003 (as he is breaking both )have as i am looking for K04 thanks
  15. Morne

    Will this clutch fit

    Hi looking at buying new clutch for my S4 from reading some posts might aswell use a RS4 one so found this so will it fit,is it any good thanks
  16. Morne

    Water inside car

    Well today was washing the car opened passenger rear door,and found some mold took rear seat out and found some water just on the left side not all over.Put my hand up the seat rest where there is a wire and found that to be wet as well.So where would water come from?
  17. Morne

    Audi RS6 overtakes Kawasaki at 186 mph

    How ****** do u think guy on bike feels going as fast as it would go and guy cruises by
  18. Morne

    OK question KO4 turbos or chip

    Ok i need to get turbos on my S4 fixed.So do i upgrade them to KO4 or can i get the car chipped.To fix the exciting once with engine out have been quoted £1500.So need to look after money.From the form I am looking at about £1200 for two KO4 more i know it can be in uk.Looking at other web...
  19. Morne

    How hard is it to get this look

    Hi all i am thinking off doing the same with my car getting the exhaust like this.Is this easy,expensive and harmful to the car.thanks
  20. Morne


    Hi guys i want to know if there is anyone that lives around my that knows a lot about these cars so i can find out what the problem is with myne as took it to garage and they not sure Help please.2.7 Manuel Berkshire oxfordshire area thanks