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    A6 cutting out

    :blackrs4:Hi everyone I think maybe someone can help me with this,i have an A6 diesel avant s line lately it has taken to cutting out or after restarting having run ok, to running really rough then cutting out loads of warning lights on dash wont restart, leave it for a few minutes it starts and...
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    Air con compresor

    Another for you guru's . My air con stopped working suspected air con compressor so while it was in for service at Audi got them to check, they said compressors is knackered needs a new one estimate from them £1400 when I got up off the floor I thought I must be able to do better than that...
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    rear wiper arm

    Hi guy's went to change rear wiper arm on my 2008 s line avant the one on the lift up door and it is seized onto the spindle with it being attached to the glass don't want to start banging too close to the glass to heat it up , I have soaked it in wd40 still wont let go has anyone some idea's...
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    air con problems

    Air con problems on my 2008 sline avant 2litre tdi. I was told the air con pressure switch was at fault and it was an easy fix. Got the part from Audi with a new "O" ring as well, looked to fit the part and it looks to me like it will be a bumper off job. Anybody done this before and got any...
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    multitronic gearbox service

    Hello All you guru's here's one for you, i own a a6 mutitronic on an 08 plate is there a way i can find out if my gearbox can be serviced as i have been told that some are sealed for life. Cheers in anticipation
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    Hello All Can you connect a phone via bluetooth without the gizmo in the armrest mine didn't have one when i bought it,my car is a 2008 avant S line tdi any help would be very welcome.
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    oil pumps

    I recently went to look at an a6 which had had a new engine fitted it was a 2litre tdi 2006 , the guy told me this was because the engine blew because of a well known fault with the standard oil pump, the new engine had a modified oil pump fitted, I have never heard of this as i am still looking...
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    Hello Everyone I am thinking of buying a 2 litre a6 avant auto 2006 to 2009 is there anything in particular that i should look out for apart from audi fsh cam belt etc ? your views would be gratefully appreciated. mully1