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    For Sale 2010 Audi A3 1.6 TDI Sport

    Great example of an Audi A3 1.6 TDI Sport, ex Audi demonstrator, 2 keys, Full Service History from Audi, comes with 12 Months MOT, last service at 130k miles. Several optional extras that have been retro fitted to the car since I have owned it including: · Xenon headlights with LED DRLs...
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    Audi A3 1.6tdi overheating

    Hi all, I have an annoying issue with my a3 which is even confusing my Audi mechanic. The car is on 130k and recently had the fly wheel and clutch replaced due to excessive vibration. Once this was done, I noticed that it he heaters where not outputting much heat and then on longer journeys...
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    Recommendations on body shops in NW London

    Hi all, Annoyingly a rock decided to pick a fight with my car on the M1 and won. If anyone could recommend a decent body shop on NW London that would be great as it’s stripped the paint and dented the rear wheel arch. Cheers Aky Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A3 2010 1.6tdi Gear Box Oil Change

    Hi all, What mileage would you recommend changing the gearbox oil? The car has not missed a beat, hope it stays that way but is reaching 90K and was thinking about having the items that are not normally / frequently changed serviced along with the service to keep it ticking over. There are no...
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    A3 annual serious detail

    Hi all, Maybe this is just something I do, but each year I normally take holiday and spend time detailing the car. This is not to say that I wont wash the car every week or so and top up the protection on the paint. Attached below are pictures from my 2 days of madness during my holiday... ha...
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    Audi A3 8P3 2010 Replacement Windscreen

    Hi all, Anyone had a windscreen crack on the without any stone chip? I had a new windscreen fitted back in December 2013 and just noticed last week that from the drivers side near the edge the screen has started to crack within 2 months. I have checked for stone chips and there is no impact...
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    Audi A3 8P3 Rear Diffuser 2010 - Sport

    Hi guys, I have a 2010 A3 1.6 TDI Sport and looking to change the rear diffuser for the sline honeycomb edition for a single exhaust. Just wanted to see if this is a simple swap or will I require a new bumper? Please excuse that the car if flithy :) Many thanks Aky
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    RNSE Bluetooth and AMI Upgrade

    Hi all, Just want to thank Ash187 for the install and coding everything up. Even though the install was not straight forward top bloke for trying everything possible then it turns out to be the phone good old apple. If anyone is having issues trying to get an iPhone 5 to connect to the...
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    OEM LED Numberplate Lights without errors 2010+

    Hi all, I was browsing Kufatec and came across the following adaptor which I have not seen before: Adapter plate LEDs Audi A4 B6, B7 / Audi A3 8P-39298-1 I have the A5 leds fitted, but as the car is on a 2010 plate it brings up an error. Would the above adaptor resolve this and has anyone...
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    t8ups works his magic

    Hi all, Just just wanted to share my latest new addition to the car thanks to t8ups. I went to visit t8ups today to get puddle and footwell lights retrofitted to me A3 and all I can say he has an key for detail and did a fantastic job. The quality of the LEDs are superb and all I can say he is...
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    A3 Dead Pedal

    Hi all. Happy bank holiday! I was wondering if anyone has come across the dead pedal that would fit to a rhd 2010 manual A3. I have changed the pedals and the only thing that would finish it off is a matching dead pedal. I have spoken to Stoke Audi who mention that there is no such part...
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    A3 LED Bi Xenon Retrofit and new MOT Regs

    Hi All, I know I am going to get grief for this posting, but oh well. I am looking into getting xenon's retro fitted but have been put off by the associated cost. Due to the new guidance on MOT testing as quoted on another post (see below) would I be fine in getting the headlights done with...
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    Audi A3 1.6 TDI 2010 - ECU Software Recall

    Hi All, Hope you are all well. I have just booked my car in for a service, and the technican mentioned that there is a ECU software recall on the car. Anyone had experience of this recall and know any further details in relation to it? Many thanks Aky:think:
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    Audi Preston Experiences

    Hi All, Anyone used Audi Preston before are are they okay? I heard a horror story about someone who bought an A3 from there. I need to take my A3 in for its second service and they are slightly cheaper than Audi Stockport am I in safe hands? lol Used Audi Stockport and not had a problem with...
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    Brightness of DRLs / Sidelights (Non Led)

    Hi All, Has anyone noticed that when you change the lights from the day light running mode to the sidelight function the intensitive/brightness of the light dims down. I have noticed this on my 2010 A3 with non leds DRLs and was wondering if it is possible to increase the brightness of the...
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    Ambient lighting in 2010 A3 8p

    Hi All, Is it possible to fit Ambient lighting to a 2010 a3 8p sport? I like the mod but not sure if it is possible to my A3. If anyone has carried out this mod and are pictures available for me to follow? Thanks in advance!
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    Golf mk4 drivers foot well water ingress

    Hi All, My uncle currently has a V reg VW Golf 5 door 1.6 but seems to be getting water ingress from the drivers door somewhere, which is leaving the drivers foot well soaking wet and the water is running to the rear. My initial thoughts were the plastic membrane behind the door panel has...