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  1. BadBoyWhiteRaps

    New Toyota Supra?

    Thoughts on this car? To my mind, 340bhp for a starting price of £53,000 is absurd. It's about 100hp short of being interesting to me, which is a shame. I know stats aren't everything, but if I was going to pay a price like that for a car of that power, I'd be looking at Porsche.
  2. BadBoyWhiteRaps


    Hate to be presumptive, but look at the following link: Are these not most likely just stolen? Complete front end and rear end signals no crash...
  3. BadBoyWhiteRaps

    If you thought your day was going badly...

    Then allow me to join you in that regard. Looked at my car this morning and this was the case. Anyone have any idea how much this is likely to financially ruin me by?