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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    As I am moving to the dark side (I'm awaiting delivery of a BMW 128ti), my excellent Audi S4 Avant (B9) is for sale. First registered on Sep 2018 (68 Plate), the car has, at the time of writing, covered just 7,794 miles. I bought it in January 2019 as an ex-demonstrator when it had 2,150 miles...
  2. REB154

    A4 Orders Spreadsheet

    As my post in the long running thread on the delays for a new A4 is likely to get lost over time, I've created this thread to make it easier to access the Google Spreadsheet that I created where you can log your order details if you wish. The spreadsheet can be edited by anyone to enhance the...
  3. REB154

    New S3, Iphone 5 And Bluetooth

    I've had my S3 just two days and already I have had enough of the Bluetooth and my iPhone 5 (IOS 7.1.2). I've searched these forums and Google but can't find an answer - just other iPhone users having issues when they updated to IOS 7. Despite knowing what I am doing (allegedly), it takes...
  4. REB154

    Youngest and Oldest S3 Owners

    Having read through the majority of posts regarding the S3 and to some extent the A3, I noticed comments from some posters referring to their age either directly or indirectly ('wrong side of 40' etc). This got me thinking about the range of ages of those that have either collected or ordered...
  5. REB154

    S3 Ordered (Again!)

    Some may (or may not) remember that I popped into the forum briefly last year around the end of June after I placed an order for an S3. Unfortunately, due to a change of circumstances and no build date some 2 months after ordering, I cancelled my order and decided to stay with my current A5...
  6. REB154

    7-Digit postcodes?

    Can anyone confirm whether the Technology Packages with HDD based SatNav have 7-Digit postcodes or is it just with the SD card based Satnav? The brochure doesn't mention it as far as I can see.