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  1. ADEY

    clicking' clutch pedal

    Hi all Longtime member - comeback to Audi after a 3 year absence, ( had a RS Clio 200 cup) Now the proud owner of an A3 tfsi and well pleased to be back with the 4 rings! Thing is when you depress the clutch pedal it makes a clicking noise near the bottom - on release it makes the same 'click'...
  2. ADEY

    HEATED SIDE MIRRORS...How do you.....

    .....know if they are working? When i push the button (on the drivers door ) towards the 'heated mirror' symbol it springs back to the central position is this correct? or does my model (2.0tdi 140 55plate) have this function? or am i being a total ******** who doesn't know how to operate...
  3. ADEY

    Rattling Dashboard/Glovebox

    Sorry if its 'old ground' but this has just recently started :banghead: the glovebox door on the dash rattles - when you apply pressure to the top rh side of the door it stops Anyone else had the same problem? or is it a trip to the Dealers Cheers
  4. ADEY

    Injector cleaner/fuel addative

    Just wondered if anyone uses them i.e Red X, Wynnes etc Has anyone noticed any benefits? I thought todays fuels contained addatives (they ought to they cost enough!!!) Feedback welcome
  5. ADEY

    Audi Accident Assist

    As the title really using them at the moment and quite impressed with the service someone decided to run into the side of me last week:wtf:and after limping home rang the above and if its a 'not your fault' accident and the other party accepts liability AAA take care of everything - you dont...
  6. ADEY

    Get Cape....Searching for the hows and whys

    Bought this today and..............:applaus: Its Sams second album and despite a 'slating' by the music press i think its better than his first Well worth a listen
  7. ADEY

    MK4 VW Golf Anniversary

  8. ADEY

    Is this true?

    Picked up my A3 last night and parked outside was a black R8 After ruining the paintwork by drooling all over it the salesman said from when you order one (if your very lucky!) it can take up to 18months before you take delivery!!!! is this correct? Also he said that Audi Germany deal with you...
  9. ADEY

    Newbie from Notts

    Hi to everyone - Picking up my (55plate) A3 2.0 TDI this weekend This is my first Audi having been in the VW camp for a few years Traded in my MK5 GTI for the A3............hope ive made the right move