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  1. Ollie2014

    Audi S3 for sale .

    Hi don't know if I am allowed to do this but would like to make everyone aware that I have a Audi S3 Sportback for sale in the classified section. Please let me know if my advert is ok or not . Thanks
  2. Ollie2014

    Dipstick on S3

    Hi has anyone removed the dipstick for the engine oil and the dipstick has had orange plastic stuck to it ? Just removed mine to check oil and it looks like part of the dipstick has disintegrated, is it a common fault and does it have any consequences ?
  3. Ollie2014

    Audi S3 alloy wheel wanted

    Hi has anyone in the North West got one of these alloys for sale ? My son moved my car this morning and made a bit of a mess of mine.I can pick it up with cash if so. Thanks
  4. Ollie2014

    MOT cover

    My S3 Sportback is due a MOT soon and Audi has contacted me about taking advantage of their MOT cover. Is the cover worth it or would you just go elsewhere.The cover is for £750 inc vat.
  5. Ollie2014

    Steering wheel horn cover.2010 S3 sportback.

    Does anyone know whether the steering wheel horn cover can be purchased as a separate item I noticed this morning that mine has been scratched and I can't stop looking at it now when driving.
  6. Ollie2014

    Detail on Rs 6

    Anyone watched this it is impressive.
  7. Ollie2014

    LED front indicator bulbs ,easy change? Facelift S3

    How easy is it to change to LED indicator bulbs on front headlights ? has anyone done this without headlight removal? Pics or a video would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ollie2014

    Dodgy driving

    This is on our local newspapers website.
  9. Ollie2014

    Can re-mapped car get quicker

    This may seem a odd question but I had my car re-mapped in January by one of the site sponsors but recently it seems quicker,more powerful.Can the re-map bed in after a while like an engine would do ? I have run the car on Shell V power so no change there and have had no extra modifications...
  10. Ollie2014

    Look at the state of these tyres.

    Took my car this afternoon to have a new NSF tyre fitted as it had lost a bit of pressure and damaged the outer tread. I ordered one tyre a Bridgestone Potenza,when i got there I asked the fitter to check the OSF tyre also.This is the shock I got.The top image is the NSF tyre and the bottom the...
  11. Ollie2014

    Looks like smoke on cars paintwork

    Hi has anyone on here washed their car and when it has dried the paintwork looks like it has the effect of smoke damage.I have got a small area of the smoke effect off with Autoglym tar remover but I am asking if anyone can tell me if there is another product that will remove this smoke...
  12. Ollie2014

    Key fob window program

    Hi is anybody in the Manchester area with a vcds who can program a fob on a 2010 S3 sport back to open and close windows.Look forward to hearing from someone.
  13. Ollie2014

    Window operation with fob on S3 sport back

    Hi I am looking for advice on whether the fob on my 2010 s3 sport back can be programmed to open and shut windows.At the moment it works but only with the key being turned in the lock.
  14. Ollie2014

    Window opening on fob .

    Probably been done to death but can the fob be programmed to operate windows down and up on 2010 S3 8p sport back.At the moment it is key operated.