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  1. Kontraband

    Little Big Planet

    now on for £12.99... some seriously cool levels out now too..
  2. Kontraband

    Samsung G810

    Samsung G810 with Audi MMI Does anyone have one of these handsets and successfully managed to get it to send the contacts??
  3. Kontraband

    HDR and Ibis

    So I thought I'd have a play... its extremely easy to do with Ubuntu and Qtpfsgui which just 3 photos from + to -. Heres the result. Im not sure it works with ibis tho??? It looks now more like Avus... but hey... I guess thats just the run of exposures.
  4. Kontraband


    I saw there were a couple of peeps talking about Legoland in another thread. Is it actually any good for say a highly active 5 year old and a toddler? Im not concerned particularly about cost... more about wasting the day queueing when we could be doing something more productive. I know for...
  5. Kontraband

    Petrol stain / marks under filler cap.

    Hi, I've had a search for petrol stains on the bodywork but it seems with petrol being the cost it is today clearly everyone is being a bit more careful. Anyway, it seems that I have (somehow) got 3 drips of petrol below my filler cap. Now on ibis, its turned it a slight **** yellow...
  6. Kontraband

    What the hell?

    I was just uploading an image to photobucket and saw this... the title got be prepared to give some idiot a slating for jumping on the roof of all the cars... I have watched this... and am pretty amazed/shocked/stunned at what happens... Im thinking theres not much to do where ever in Eastern...
  7. Kontraband

    A hell of a way to go

    You might not want to read this if your eating your lunch and have a vivid imagination... madness.
  8. Kontraband

    PSN (PlayStationNetwork) Nicknames

    I found the xbox gamertags thread but couldnt see a PSN one... so I guess we could make this it... so stick your handle and games up. Any issues/questions take to a new thread and keep this one tidy with usernames only. Thanks Ess_Three for the sticky. Will keep a running list here...
  9. Kontraband

    Which is the bigger car?

    By bigger I mean spacious and luggage holding... need a rent a car for 3 adults and 2 kiddies... whats best. Focus Estate or VW Touran?? Anyone had one of these? Recommend a good company to rent from? Sixt is top at the mo
  10. Kontraband

    S3 problems 2200 miles in!

    So, yesterday I get in the car, fire it up and drive. About 2 mins into the drive, the stereo, with ipod in, turns off and the doors unlock. 5 seconds later the stereo starts back up and doors lock again. I continue my drive, no other issues except this one repeating about 3 or 4 times before...
  11. Kontraband

    PS3 'warning'

    Well, I came back to play some more MGS yesterday and turned the PS3 on..... I got a message saying, the harddrive needed rebuilding and to click ok. Then I got told all my data was going to be wiped as it needed to be formatted due to the rebuild not doing its job. So I had no choice. As a...
  12. Kontraband

    window up noise

    If I use total closure to open my windows before I go to the car, once I pick up speed and want to close them I lift the buttons at the same time and the windows go up. The issue is that when the drivers window gets to the top it sounds like its trying to continually push the window upwards...
  13. Kontraband

    Arent monkeys amusing! :puke2:
  14. Kontraband

    What are these?

    :think: SO, as the title.... Both the front wheels have them... no idea what they are/do? Is it some ugly security device?? Gave us 5 mins debate by the water cooler this afternoon
  15. Kontraband

    Your next paint job?

    Would certainly get people talking/looking/gasping linky
  16. Kontraband

    A reason to get your better half a wii?

  17. Kontraband

    SO BORED... and ENG v. USA

    I AM SOOOOOOOOO BORED!! Work isnt starting this week, but I kinda dont mind too much as its the lull before it all kicks off next week. So, predictions for tonight anyone??? I'll chuck in a 2 - 0 with Ashton and Rooney. (although that could be a heart rather than head result) Theres...
  18. Kontraband

    S3 owners with kids and car seats?

    Might be a bit of a strange question this but when my wife goes back to work apparently I'm going to have to take the perfectly clean and not at all messy bambinos to school. So, to that end Im going to need car seats in my car! :sorry: kids and my cars are like jager with redbull (to ref...
  19. Kontraband

    Moving from Windows to Linux

    I moved from windows to linux about 6 months ago. I work in I.T. but dont consider myself a massive nerd.. more a geek. :photo: Anyroad, Ive been using Ubuntu 7.10 and am more than happy with what I have found. I haven't had any problems other than syncing my N95 (which I have now done...
  20. Kontraband

    New parking space at the office? WTF!

    So, I looked out the office window this morning and got a bit of a surprise when I saw this rover dangling infront of our parking spaces... OOOOooooooohh. ****! My cars there... so I went out, took some pics and moved my car. luckily there were workmen on site building some more...