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  1. WillkelsallS3


    Has anyone had any issues with the pcv valve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. WillkelsallS3

    Audi S3 suspension

    Guys I need a new rear spring for my 2009 S3 now apparently I have aftermarket coil over dampeners on it that supposedly cost over £1000 where would I get this from??? All I know is that the stamp on the existing spring is FK100.130 or FX100.130 and they’re yellow I’m **** with cars and this...
  3. WillkelsallS3

    New coil springs

    guys apparently I need a new NSR Suspension spring so went online and brought 2 rear ones called SACHS are these any good? Also I think my car has been lowered by the previous owner so would this give me a different ride hight to the front? Would it be best to change all four springs and how big...