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    Engine (coolant) temperature dipping below 90 with AC on?

    Hi guys, another thing I noticed today on the S3 8P. I was cruising home this eve at 80 kph with AC set at 21 deg with outside being 26 and noticed that the temp gauge was reading slightly below 90. It went back to 90 as soon as I stopped at a traffic light then did the same after I took off. I...
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    Ignition switch replacement DIY?

    Hi guys So pretty sure my ignition switch is playing up. Nothing serious but thinking about having a go at it myself. Any DIY around for an A3 8P? Tried the search and the net but no luck. I understand its pretty common so hoping someone can direct me to one. Much appreciated.
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    Strange Ignition Off Behaviour. Please have a look at my VCDS Fault List

    Hi All, I've had this issue for about a month. Usually used to turn off the car and while key in ignition, I can still use the phone through the bluetooth, doors still tocked and interior lights are still off, as soon as i take the key off the bluetooth is off, doors unlock and interior lights...
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    Ignition Off behavior changed-why?

    hi all Something changed about how the car is turned off. Previously I turn off and the car the interior lights stay off, doors still locked and I can still use the Bluetooth to talk while key is still in ignition. The interior lights turn on, door unlock and bt is off when I remove ignition...
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    Vibrations on deceleration around 2200-2400RPM clutch

    As some are aware, Ive installed an SRE clutch with a new DMF and Bilstein PSS10s coilovers. Both have been performing great (kind of). Done over 2000kms so far (Spoke to Sachs and they recommended 1000km break in). Took it very easy for first 1000 then did a few mins of hard driving two days...
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    Urgent: About to install a DMF Sachs Clutch. Should I go SMF?

    Hi Guys, I have already purchased the SRE Performance Kit which fits the LUK Dual Mass Flywheel. I'm running APR Stage 2+ and not planning to go any further in terms of power. My initial worry was that i received the wrong clutch plate as there are no spring dampers built in but I believe it is...
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    No PSS10 in Stock for 3 weeks!! How about KW or H&R

    As the title suggests. Bilstein Germany are out of stock for 2-3 weeks for the S38P and I have already paid the seller (orange tuning). I need them rather urgent so the seller suggested KW or H&R. What is equal to the PSS10's in the KW and H&R range and is any of the two a good replacement? I...
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    Buying LUK DMF/Release Bearing/Bolts from UK. Where From to Ship O/S?

    Hi All, Settling on the Sachs SRE kit with DMF, I have started getting some quotes and I have found that it is best to buy the clutch plate and face direct from SRE website but the prices for the LUK DMF and release bearing are too high there and forget about it in Aus, here we have to sell...
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    Putting the Clutch Parts Together - What Do I need S3 8P1

    Hi Guys, Time to put a new clutch after APRS2+ and I think I have settled with a dual mass. Can someone confirm the part numbers and what parts I need? My car is a 2008 S3 8P1 1) LUK Dual Mass Flywheel, Part number 415033110 2) Sachs SRE Organic Clutch and Performance Clutch Cover Part Number...
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    Clutch Replacement - What's Available

    Hi All After installing APR S2+ Last week, I started noticing slip this morning while cruising on 4th at 100kph then giving it a bit. What are the alternatives? Car is 2008 S3 8P1. Daily Driver with regular visits to the mountains. Should I stick with DMF or switch to single? Scahs? SPEC? etc...
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    Redline Shockproof Light for S3 8P 6spd Gearbox?

    Can it be used? I used to for my WRX and still have a new bottle unopened and wondering if anyone used it or is it not recommended for these cars? My gear change from neutral to first and first to second is a bit notchy in the past couple of days especially in the morning. The first change...
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    Rear springs not sitting the same (H&R) after brake install

    Hi All, Noticed that the car handling a bit odd after finishing up with the brake rotors and pads install. It kind of "limps" at very low speeds and a bit jumpy over bumps and also steering rattle at high speeds. Braking is smooth so its not brake shudder. Had a look around and noticed that the...
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    What bulb for rear brake light S3 8P 3 door?

    Hi all, As title suggests, which bulb for the rear brake light on the S3 8P 2008 3 door? My right one is out and want to get one today before pulling the cluster out. Many thanks
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    How to Remove S38P fog light surround/cover

    Had an awesome drive day out with the VW boys and gals. My friend's car at the front went over some sort of Styrofoam board, flicked it up and i hit it with the front right corner of my car. luckily bumper all good and so was the fog light but the honey comb fog light surround was broken. I'm...
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    Does BSH PCV Fix Cause slight rough idle

    Hi All, Car was running great on APR stage 2 with Twontake intake and TBE Miltek until my PCV went off. I started having the crazy idling associated with it. Got it replaced with the BSH PCV Fix and while the idle jumping wasfixed and car runs beauitful under throttle, the idling is still...
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    Popping sound when taking foot off accelerator

    Hi All, A question to people with modded exhaust/intake. I have been noticing this popping sound that I thought was coming from the back when im in the traffic light and rev the car to 2000-2500rpm then take my foot off the accelerator quickly (neutral or in first and moving the car slowly...
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    Urgent!! Door Card White Clip Discs Part Number Needed

    Hi All, Hope all is well, been a while. I urgently need to order some parts from Germany and while at it I want to replace one of the clips that Audi service lost (nothing new) while fixing my window regulator. Long story and just want to have some handy. They are the white round discs that...
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    After market S3 rotors/pads

    Hi all, It's nearly time for new rotors and pads. I have settled on the Hawk ceramic pads which I believe are made for the S3 though the part no I was given by an ozaudi member produced S4 pads. Are the pads for the S4 and S3 the same? Also which rotors do you recommend? I read good...
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    Two Week Saga Continues - MAF or DV?

    Hi all, Two weeks ago as I left to head for a 3 hour trip only for my car to idle hunt at the first traffic light and the same on first gear when my foot off the accelerator. It also was taking its time to drop the rpms when my foot on the clutch and it was back firing when changing gears. I...
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    Clearing bad learnt parameters and resetting service reminder S3 8P

    Hi guys Couple of issues 1) I had to drive 700kms with a bad pcv until I replaced it with the BSH fix. It was recommended to me to do a throttle body adaptation which is not an issue but also recommended was to clear the bad parameters the car would have learnt as it doesn't feel as punch...