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    Q3 Q3 service intervals and plans

    My Q3 is coming up to 2 years old says it needs Oil service Inspection service and pollen filter, plus brake fluid. Can see the required intervals anywhere and mine must be on the flexible plan. The quote is Oil and Inspection Service with Pollen Filter. Price: £411.31 inc VAT. Brake Fluid...
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    Q3 Q3 or Q3 Sportback?

    I went standard, only because it offered a better discount at the time. I used the spare money on a standard sport to add the comfort and sound pack which is fantastic. The B&O is worth it, and rear camera and heated seats are well used.
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    Q3 myAudi App map destinations

    Yes I use it, but sometimes the car will forget the Audi log on and request it again which is a pain, you will also have to wait for the car to make the connection and download the data. I usually start car and wait a minute or two before going to navigation to load the address to give it time...
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    Q3 Fuel consumption

    It shows it on the dash, use the right arrow on the wheel and it should take you to where you can view short on long term mpg.
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    Q7 New Audi MMI not connecting to myaudi on my Q7

    My Q3 would not log in yesterday, although my iPhone seemed fine on the app
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    MyAudi Destinations from App to MMI

    Never used this before, but sent an adresss from the app, in the car i logged into my Audi connect account and selected my iPhone, I could then see the addresses I’d sent, hope I don’t have to log on every time as that would be a right faf.
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    Q2 Audi Q2. What were Audi thinking?

    I guess many of us don’t see them as pretend 4x4s, never thought of mine that way. I’ve had spinal surgery and struggle to get into a lower car and the driving position gives me pain. An SUV allows me to get in and out easily and have a pain free driving position, The same would apply to a...
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    Q3 Thinking about buying a Q3 1.4 tfsi

    For me I’d be concerned that it’s end of range with the old MMI system which does not seem to have Apple CarPlay etc, maybe a Q2 which has CarPlay etc. The new Q3 should be coming soon.
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    Sit down for this one!

    Didn't have mine serviced once by Audi, and I voluntarily terminated the agreement with no questions asked, just showed the collector the service receipts. If you're Cheshire based give James a call for a quote. All Audi parts used.
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    Facelift Buy cash or use a PCP?

    Yes multiple quotes, not sure about the A3 but on the Up the GMV has been reduced by over 1k from where it was 3 years ago.
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    Facelift Buy cash or use a PCP?

    Unless Audi have updated the final payment PCP all the way for the protection. I had an SE 3 years old booked in A1 condition, worth less at 3yrs than it should have been at 4 years as a trade in. We also have a VW UP, again 3 years old, UP should be worth £4400 at 4 years, at 3 years 24k miles...
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    Facelift How straight is your line? A3 3dr Door Panel Alignment Pictures

    My OCD would instantly look for any signs of respraying or damage? Is this a simple alignment problem or signs of damage repair? Not saying it is but you need to check, years ago my dad had a new Clio and the door bar to stop it opening to far was loose. I looked round that area and could see...
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    Leaving Audi........

    Nice, pics of the inside and dash?
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    What will be your next car?

    VW Tiguan for me. Why? Audi dealer only offered the £1K audi discount on a Q3. Q2 is under speced and extras over priced. My A3 at 4 yrs should have a PCP value of £10.5K, as an A1 condition car dealers are only offering that now at just under 3yrs old. I'm giving the A3 back and walking way...
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    Q3 New Q3 purchase - Buy or avoid?

    Looking at the Q3 , would people buy or see it as long in the tooth and avoid?
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    Air Con condenser - design fault??

    Mine is in having the condenser replaced, luckily no one mentioned damage so its a FOC repair, not unless the are just not charging as this is the 2nd time its been back and it was not spotted first time they just did a recharge and leak test which was reported as OK.
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    A3 S-line 2013 - How to remove and refit front bumper

    Mine's in at the moment for the 2nd time for the aircon, they sent me a nice video of the coolant leaking from the condenser but they are doing if FOC, but the quote attached was only £500 plus..
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    Private Reg on a '16' Plate - Yes/No ??

    To be honest, the car is getting old now, i'd just sell it and buy a new one. At the end of the day you will be driving it thinking, my god i've got an old car, look at all those new reg plates.