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  1. Turbo jay

    Guy Martin's Wall of Death :Live channel 4 Monday 28th March at 7.15

    Yea and on a bike he built in the shed lol legend!!
  2. Turbo jay

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  3. Turbo jay

    Amazon Deal: Power Bank

    Also just ordered one, thanks for the heads up cruiser :thumbsup:
  4. Turbo jay

    fa cup final mascot competition

  5. Turbo jay

    which torque wrench?

    This is what I use does the job spot, also comes with lifetime warranty. They do them in 1/2 drive but I use the 3/8 drive for spark plugs and anything else that needs torqued up from 19-110NM.
  6. Turbo jay

    James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano Dies

    +1 just talking about his role in that film with a work colleague. Classic.
  7. Turbo jay

    By George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like he's been on the Jamaican woodbine's again.
  8. Turbo jay

    The end of Alex "whisky nose" Ferguson...

    amen to that brother :beerchug:
  9. Turbo jay

    Boeing 747 crash caught on dashcam

    How can he just not say anything when something like that happens, its not everyday a plane that size just falls out the sky in front of you, and it sounded like he stabbed his dog lol.
  10. Turbo jay


    Quality, by the way mikeemac " please get your facts stright before putting info on this forum.. and if you don't know for sure then just say I don't know for sure" :haha:lol My apologies too my fellow chaps reading this for the false info given by mikee lol
  11. Turbo jay

    SAUREZ...... I like to count.....

    dont use swear words like that :ninja:
  12. Turbo jay


    I'm pretty sure the standard s line wheels are 7.5 J ET54 -edit- just checked they deffinetly are 7.5 J ET54
  13. Turbo jay

    The greatest TV or Movie lines or Quotes of all time?

    DESERT EAGLE .50 lol Vinny Jones - Bullet Tooth Tony and his Desert Eagle and the 3 Big Brave Balls - YouTube
  14. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

  15. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

    who's Barry :uhm:
  16. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

    Scott I see you 3 scousers and raise you
  17. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

    yea that's us Scott lmfao
  18. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

    And it would seem robbiemac I'm not the only one who thinks you taking it a bit far.
  19. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

    listen as someone who wasn't even born in this country let alone from Liverpool or Leeds you seem to have a lot to say about these areas, And what do you mean proper if you would even know a proper Scouser lmfao
  20. Turbo jay

    Thatcher's dead...

    care to elaborate on that one robbiemac, being a Scouser born and bread, am keen too know what you mean