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  1. Gonzokew

    Fuel Injector Open Circuit

    Hi guys, I've had Bosch 550cc (0 280 158 117) injectors in since May 15 and lately have been getting a few error codes related to them. Firstly it was 17647 which is open circuit cylinder 3. Checked resistance and was around 12 ohms. Reset and would intermittently come back on. Swapped the...
  2. Gonzokew

    Steering rack bolt

    Trying to loosen the 4 13mm bolts on subframe for the rack to help remove ARB. Unfortunately someone has been here before and 1 of them isn't a hex bolt but a (rounded) Allen key :( Any ideas on how to get this out? Came in from the rain to brainstorm a bit.
  3. Gonzokew

    Coolant leak

    Hi, I have a small leak and after taking some stuff off to have a look this is where it's coming from. Any ideas on a plan of attack? S3 8l BAM
  4. Gonzokew

    Xenon Headlight Adjustment

    Hi guys, happy new year. My current dilemma is the s3 has failed its MOT due to headlight level too low. The adjusters have snapped off so can't manually move them. The auto level doesn't work (never has to my knowledge), so I'm not sure what to do as the level has always been ok. Will it be...
  5. Gonzokew

    Cam Chain Tensioner

    hi, currently in the process of replacing the cam chain tensioner as I keep getting camshaft set point not reached. (16395) it's a bam engine. It's in a specialist shop at the minute and they said that a brand called lukas (not sure if that's spelt right) is cheaper and has lifetime warranty...
  6. Gonzokew

    A/C clutch / compressor relay

    hi, a/c on my s3 isn't working. I've had it fully gassed with an automotive machine that found no leaks. When I turn econ mode off the fan comes on, but clutch doesn't kick in. The climate control codes says the clutch is getting 14v but at the plug it gets 6v then every 4 seconds gets a blip...
  7. Gonzokew

    Random Misfire - Help needed

    Hi everyone, I have been troubled with a lumpy idle, lack of power and random misfire for quite some time now without much luck. I'll go through what I've done and found along the way... What has been replaced in the last year or sooner - plugs, coils, coil pack loom, MAF, injectors, fuel...
  8. Gonzokew

    Hybrid Turbo

    My S3 is at stage 2 with all the usual gear, rods, decat, front mount, fuel pump, injectors, pro 4 manifold etc. Standard k04 running 300/300 Now is the easiest option for me to just bolt on a hybrid as it is and remap? I'm not a mechanic and have done all the DIY jobs on my car but when it...
  9. Gonzokew

    Instrument cluster lighting

    Hi, my roller switch on the headlight switch that changes the lighting on the instrument cluster doesn't work. It defaults quite dim. I've replaced the headlight switch however it's a loose cable somewhere that isn't very easy to access. Is there a way to re-code using vag com the default...
  10. Gonzokew

    CCM location?

    wet weather gives me alarm issues so need to check the convenience module for water damage but have no idea where abouts it is and how to attack this job. Can anyone shed any light?
  11. Gonzokew

    Gonzo's S3

    I've realised I'm putting more and more of my work on the forums as it's helped me so much in the process of taking my s3 from standard to (currently) 300hp. As there's plently of work that's gone into my car I think it's warrants a progress thread... So I bought my Audi back in September 2013...
  12. Gonzokew

    Alarm Woes

    hi everyone, my car alarm seems to be going off at random times. Already have a new siren before you ask, about 2 months ago. I have checked boot switch by linking the wires in the plug on off and the boot open signal is ok. Left it disconnected and still alarmed. Have a new micro switch...
  13. Gonzokew

    Brembo's Fitted - brakes worse

    hi guys, Replaced my s3 brakes with a set of lcr brembos today along with brake fluid flush with Motul 600. I used gunsons eezibleed and started from the furthest point and worked my way along the calipers. Fluid is coming out clear, everything is tight with no leaks. Took for a drive and...
  14. Gonzokew

    Saikou Michi uk sellers??

    6 week lead time from the us and need a catch can asap. Anyone know people in uk who sell them? Thanks
  15. Gonzokew

    Catch can question

    hi all, About to get rid of the pvc system. Where are people getting there catch cans from? Looking for a good however the saikou michi ones on eBay are £130 which is a little steep. Any other suppliers? Also after a lot of research I'm still not 100% whether to vent to tip or atmosphere...
  16. Gonzokew

    Gearbox Issue

    hi guys, I'm having trouble trying to solve crunchy gear changes from 2nd to 3rd on full throttle. I have the yellow dog bone mount already and still doesn't feel very positive when changing. Any help would be great
  17. Gonzokew

    S3 car mats

    Just arrived in the post today, eBay special however very happy with he fitment and quality of the product. Would recommend highly to those in dyer need of new carpets!
  18. Gonzokew

    Alarm going off all night!

    had to disconnect my battery at 0400 this morning half asleep as my alarm was going off constantly. No matter if opened the car via key fob or start the car the alarm would carry on going!!! Disconnected battery for now but believe the siren in the boot maybe the issue I do remember getting 4...
  19. Gonzokew

    Sell up or more power???

    Hi, I have an 300hp 300ftlb s3 which is obviously maxed out of a k04. I'm about 4K in the hole with everything I've done and know if I sell up I'll be down on money. Not sure whether to sell up after xmas or bite the bullet and go for a bigger turbo. First of all I need to upgrade the con rods...