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  1. Scotty2011

    Tyre/wheel advice

    Just a question for anyone with better knowledge on wheels and tyres. My front 2 tyres are fairly worn, and needing replacing soon. The front tyres are 255’s however, I have 2 x 235’s that I took off my pre facelift which haven’t done many miles. Can I fit the 235 tyres on to my fronts which...
  2. Scotty2011

    Exhaust rattle warranty claim

    Just wondering if anyone has had their exhaust rattles in the facelift fixed through Audi? Wondering if they can actually fix it and whether I can actually be bothered with the hassle. Thanks
  3. Scotty2011

    Glacier white + Black wheels??

    Has anyone with glacier white had their wheels re done in black or any darker colour? Contemplating getting mine possibly matte black or a dark grey but would love to see some pics before. Thanks
  4. Scotty2011

    RS3 8V News

    Just a little more news on the next RS3... 2015 Audi RS3 Sportback spied testing in Germany
  5. Scotty2011

    S-tronic question

    Im due to collect my new S3 in 12 days and have a question about the S-tronic that some of you who have already got your S3s or drive S-tronics could answer. How exactly do you tell the car that you want to change gear manually using the paddles and also how to revert back to the car changing...