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  1. J

    best way to flush cooling system?

    Done it before on my old s3 by adding a couple of crushed up dishwasher tablets to the water, letting it idle for ten mins after reaching max temo and then draining through lower rad hose, repeated this a few times untill water was looking fairly clear and then flush through with clean water...
  2. J

    These "we buy any car" websites...

    I resorted to using one of those sites a few years back, needed a very quick sale, i lost £2k compared with selling private but like i said i had to sell asap As for their service i was impressed, i was totally honest about the bodyworks condition listing every scratch scuff snd dent on their...
  3. J

    Prices & Pics of the new S6, S7 & S8

    I got all excited reading your post but didnt get that excited over any of the cars, the s6 avant looks gangster but then i think all audi estates do :) The s7 sportback, couldnt see the difference between that and a normal a7, although the interior looks sexy The s8, to me looks like a b8...
  4. J

    My other pride and joy clio willams :)

    love the mk1 clios, had three myself, never a williams though as i couldnt afford the insurance that looks real clean and tidy :)
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    Epic Audi Picture thread

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    Eldest son buying first car- what one???

    well swings and roundabouts really, save money in the short term, pay extra a few years down the line, or, spend extra now and save a few years down the line, assuming he does get ncb by not claiming
  7. J

    Eldest son buying first car- what one???

    yer mate you were dreaming when thinking of anything thats remotely new, or sporty think smaller, older and cheaper, my first car was a renault clio mk1 3dr 1.4rt that cost me £1200 tpft and insurance premiums are only on the up at the end of the day (no offence) but i would put a months...
  8. J

    GF's a bad way :(

    wounded mate, part ex all the way on this one mate fix it sell it straight away is a waste of time and money, fix it and keep it and like you say whats going to go next? eibach lowering springs snapped, never heard of that one before, defo not good though hope you get this sorted one way...
  9. J

    premier_wheels eBay wheel seller

    ive heard of companies on ebay who will take your old rims in as p/x on your new purchase, is this one of them?
  10. J

    Autotrader RS5 Review

    what we thinking for the price tag on these? 70k? will get up my local dealership and blag my mate for a test drive :rockwoot:
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    at what point do you throw in your keys?

    yer, that would be why i said tesla? :readit: :detective2: :think: :yes: :keule: :moa: lmao
  12. J

    at what point do you throw in your keys?

    jeremy clarkson made a brilliant point when test driving that tesla electric car that was actually quick, remember? electric cars are good, no emissions etc but they need to be recharged every 4-5 hours or few hundred miles and where does electricity come from? at which point they show a power...
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    at what point do you throw in your keys?

    i cant afford a massage, i spent all my pennies on fuel :scared2: would love a new job but thanks to this goverment there are no jobs at the moment this whole staying home and making babies thing is sounding really appealing to me now lol
  14. J

    at what point do you throw in your keys?

    tesco's 99 is 126.9 at the moment in worcester and has been rising steadily over the last fortnight, was 121.9 literally 14-20 days ago :( noticed everywhere else seems to be anything from 2-4p cheaper, gordon brown really hates worcester for some reason :think: we need a revolution! will one...
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    Audi Classic Red Pearl - Any Pictures

    have no idea what my paint code/colour is, but its red :)
  16. J

    mtm r8

    im not a ferrari lover so wouldnt touch one, am wondering why they didnt mtm the v10 r8 though? i think if you can afford these kind of cars you wont be overly bothered by the depreciation, my mates old man had an r8 for a little bit, sold it on for a small profit (it was used when brought not...
  17. J

    mtm r8

    560bhp rwd mtm audi r8, nom nom!! rear spoiler looks a bit gay though imo
  18. J

    Speed Camera Question.

    unfortunatley dude im living proof that you're wrong, got done by one of these forward facing jobbies out by stratford a few years ago on the way to silverstone, was over taking someone at the time too so i thought my number plate may have been out of shot, but no such luck :(
  19. J

    Speed Camera Question.

    yer they aint allowed to flash you in the face, not in the uk anyway the ones that face towards you are digital and dont flash, got done by one few years back :(
  20. J

    Bonnet bra?

    hater of car bra's too, you will always get stone chips, i would rather pay the £££££ every 18-24 months to have it resprayed than have one of these 'orrible looking contraptions on the front of my lovely looking audi nilz, you could well need therapy sessions to remove that rather disturbing...