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  1. Jimbo10

    Dealer prices for new timing belt

    Called up my local dealer for timing belt only (water pump not necessary). £817.27. That's not happening. Any recommendations for independents in the North East?
  2. Jimbo10

    Engine noise on COD mode

    Yes. My car is exactly the same. Totally normal. Had courtesy cars that are the same too. Put the DIS on 'live' MPG and roll down the windows. COD usually kicks in around 60-65MPG. If you can maintain that live MPG and 2 cylinder mode kicks in, you will notice it sounds quite lumpy (compared to...
  3. Jimbo10

    Petrol cap issues

    Really interested in this as I'm experiencing identical issues. Keep us posted on how the cleaning goes. If you manage to take a few photo's as you would be my new best friend
  4. Jimbo10

    New S3 Owner - Scratch repair

    I'm going to require some details on this. How did you catch her? Did you not get the police involved? If she'd done that to my car, I would've put some TNT under her drivers seat
  5. Jimbo10

    Additional battery for dash cam

    I didn't. From the reading I done, it was too much hassle so just shelved the idea
  6. Jimbo10

    Kayobong’s Detailing Log

    Buy a Farecla Clay Mitt. Brilliant bit of kit!!
  7. Jimbo10

    Facelift Alloy damage :-(

    Get out the sand paper and lacquer. Something that small is well within the scope of the DIY relm. Plus you’ll save yourself £75-125 bangers. There’s a thread on here somewhere which is a ‘how to’ guide.
  8. Jimbo10

    Should I bother with a quick detailer?

    Long story short. I've got my routine pretty dialled in for the moment, but looking to try a few new products which are on sale at the moment. Just nabbed some Sonax BSD for around £6. Been wanting to try it out. There is a choice between two QD's. Poorboys QD+ Chemical Guys Speed Wipe Both...
  9. Jimbo10

    Audi main dealer issue - advice

    The only leg I think you have to stand on is the quality of work is sub par. I know when I've had warranty work carried out by Audi, they guarantee it for 12/24 months...something like that. Perhaps you could argue that their work is p*ss poor and they need to rectify it. The only other avenue...
  10. Jimbo10

    2018 Sedan - S3 Ara blue no s-sports seats vs. Navarra blue with sports seats.

    I don’t get this. No offense, but I wouldn’t give a toss what other people thought as it’s purely subjective. As mentioned earlier by someone, pick which option is more important to you (colour or SSS) and make a decision from there. Whilst you look at your car everyday and therefore colour...
  11. Jimbo10

    Rotating tyres. Sensor issue?

    Fronts need replacing but the rears are at 4mm (still factory fitted tyres). I was intending moving both front wheels to the back and then taking it to get new rubber, so the new boots would be on the rear. However. I’ve been reading on a different site that this can cause issues with the tyre...
  12. Jimbo10

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Your fault for selling the pro plus to tashfeen. Gutted I missed that. In all seriousness. I’m probably going to be using it a handful of times then per year (zero intentions of doing other peoples cars). Scrap that, i’ll probably practice on my brothers lease car and once I’ve got my...
  13. Jimbo10

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Neglected the car for the past 4-6weeks. Two Bucket wash with Bilt Hamber Auto Wash Microfibre dry PB Blackhole (by hand) CarPro Reload Megs gel for tyres I need to invest in a DA because the swirls are giving me nightmares. PB does a good job of masking them but I feel like a fraud by covering...
  14. Jimbo10

    PSI and tyre wear

    I fancy a bacon sandwich now
  15. Jimbo10

    7 Speed S-tronic Service

    Interesting because when I booked mine in for a service I asked about the S Tronic oil change. They put my reg into the system and it didn't give an option to service the gearbox. She then went away and said it's because my box is sealed. Now I'm really confused
  16. Jimbo10

    Cam belt advice for Audi A3 S Line (63 plate)

    Will Audi not price match this job against a cheaper indy quote (assuming they use all genuine OEM parts)?
  17. Jimbo10

    Audi S3 Possible CV Joint/CV Boot replacement Advice needed If you’re eligible. Buy it...drop it off at the dealers...get it fixed...enjoy 12 months worry free motoring...bob’s your uncle...fanny’s your aunt.
  18. Jimbo10

    Audi S3 Possible CV Joint/CV Boot replacement Advice needed

    I would be jumping on the Audi Extended warranty website and taking out an extra years cover which will be between £250-350ish. There is a limited amount of time when you can take out the policy once the 3 year warranty has expired (think it’s around a month). Go on the website and punch in...
  19. Jimbo10

    Full detail daytona grey A4 (pic heavy)

    Mega post pal!! I've got Daytona / PB Black Hole / AG SRP, but I only ever use the Poorboys, then wax or seal because I was under the impression both blackhole and SRP do pretty much the same thing? Am I way off base with this assumption?