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  1. whispering john

    Black Rings.

    Has anyone put black rings and black A1 badge on a second gen A1 yet? If so can you post some pictures and who did you get them from please. Thanks
  2. whispering john

    A1 competition on order.

    Just put in an order for an A1 competition, what do people think of them and what mpg are people getting. Thanks in advance.
  3. whispering john

    Facelift Best Tyres For FL S3

    Will have to replace all 4 tyres on the face lift s3 soon what do people recommend??? Bridgestone Turanza fitted only lasted 9000 miles. Thanks in advance
  4. whispering john

    Facelift face lift 3 door boot liner

    Hi all, looking to get a good boot liner for the 3 door 2017 a3/ s3. Any ideas. Thanks:nogarors4:
  5. whispering john


    Help please, just been quoted £814.00 fully comp!!!!! for a new 2017 s3 from Aviva my insurance company. I am 56 years old and have full no claims and live in Worcestershire with a clean licence . MAD price!!!! Time to move on, any good insurance quotes from good companies. Thank you.
  6. whispering john

    Quattro badge

    Will the lower grill quottro badge on some of the RS models fit to the face lift s3 grill. Has any one filled one yet? Thanks.
  7. whispering john

    Looking at tts

    We are looking at a TTS:idea: with 700 miles on the clock, what are the pro's and con's, it has technology pack, comfort pack, black edition in phantom black £31.995 thanks:detective2:
  8. whispering john


    When is the S3 being launched in the uk :detective2: thanks. Still September?
  9. whispering john

    Service cost S3

    The works S3 is showing it needs a service in 16 days it has 7400 miles on the clock and the car is 1 year old the dealer said interim service with oil and filter change +fuel check. What is the normal dealer price thanks:beerchug:
  10. whispering john

    Help please re interior monitor alarm

    Does anyone know how the interior monitor alarm works. I can sit in my locked car - wave my arms around and the alarm does not go off. When outside the locked car, you can rock the car from side to side and the alarm does not go off. I locked the car with the side window open, put my arm in...
  11. whispering john


    Will an Audi A3 space saver fit on an S3? And will it fit in the boot space wheel storage space in an S3. Thanks:friends:
  12. whispering john

    S3 1000 miles

    Just had the S3 checked after the first 1000 miles and asked the service department to check the left hand head light because it seems to "wobble". Audi know about it, but say it is normal because the left head light is set higher than the right so is more noticeable. Car was checked, washed...
  13. whispering john

    HELP PLEASE S3 sat nav/cd query

    We are awaiting the shipment of a new s3 from the factory and suddenly had a horrible thought, will the built in standard fitted sat nav/radio set up still play normal music cds, or will we have to have a cd changer retro fitted at the dealer? Can anyone help please?
  14. whispering john

    S3 road tax

    What is the annual road tax for an S3? Does anyone know please.
  15. whispering john

    Symphony Radio CD changer

    Wanted to add Symphony radio with 6 CD changer to my new build A3 Black Edition - but unfortunately due to the Audi computer being 'down' recently when it was up and running again - we were too late - the build has already started. Listers (my local dealership) are going to see if they can fit...
  16. whispering john

    Newbie from Worcs

    New to the site - registered this week. After 23 years of driving Peugeot's it is time for a change - ordered new Audi A3 Black Edition May 2010, expected delivery September 2010. I have been a member of the Peugeot Sport Club for over 20 years and looked at several Audi Owners sites - this...