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    1.8TFSI Remap?

    Hi guys, Im an ex-A3 owner. I used to have an A3 1.6, and sold it to buy my new baby. It's a TT S Line Roadster 1.8TFSI, and from what I remember, there used to be a fair few 1.8 owners on here. I am pleased with the power in stock form, but from looking around on Revo's site and on...
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    1.8TFSI 170 Engine? What's it like?

    My dads just ordered an A4 Black Edition 1.8TFSI 170, he hasnt driven one though, apparantly its quite a hard engine to get hold of! What's it like to drive? Anybody got one?
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    I am about to order my new car, and was going to pay cash for it. I have spoken to the salesman, and he told me that they are offering a £1000 centre contribution, if I was to buy the car on finance? I have the money to buy the car outright, so he said that it may be worth my while if I take...
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    1.8TFSI / 2.0 TDI 170 MPG?

    Ive never been interested in MPG, but now the feel like Im living at the petrol station (bit of an exaggeration, but the 1.6 drinks fuel!). Nothing certain yet, but Im having a casual look on the internet at 1.8TFSI's and the 2.0TDI 170 for next year. Im hoping that they will feel drastically...
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    Car in for service - Courtesy Car?

    Okay, well my car's going in for it's service next week. I could do with a courtesy car. But Im not sure how it works! It went in for some gearbox warranty work early this year, and they offered me a courtesy car, but they said that they would have to make a few phone calls to sort the insurance...
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    Changing Headlight Bulbs?

    Okay, at the risk of sounding a bit numb, Ive decided to ask a question. How the frigg do you replace the headlight bulbs?? Ive just had a quick look, and managed to get the inside bulb (full beam) out fine. But cannot work out how to change the actual headlight bulb? Ive changed quite a few...
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    Daft Headlight Bulb Question.

    Im looking at getting some new headlight bulbs. I dont want any wannabe xenon, bluey-white bulbs, and I dont want that stupid blue look that Saxo owners aim for. Im looking at getting some Philips Xtreme Vision, or Xtreme Power Bulbs. But am I right in thinking that they are the H7 fitment...
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    Whiter Headlight Bulbs? PIAA Xtreme White?

    Well Ive got halogen headlights, and Ive always kind of thought that they were a bit yellow! Ive been trying to make my mind up whether its worth changing the bulbs, because, I dont want it to look at all chavvy! And you see so many cars that just look crap purely because of the wannabe xenon...
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    First Service?

    My service light has come on, my A3 is 2 years old, and has done almost 18k. Is this a major service or interim? What kind of price would I be looking at for this to be carried out? :icon_thumright:
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    Adding a Sub?

    Its crossed my mind to add a sub to the car, to improve the sound system a bit. But would I have to tell the insurance - ready for them to hike the premium on? Sometimes its daft, I looked at changing the wheels and putting some bigger ones on, and they wanted another £3000 then, purely because...
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    Anyone sold their cars on Ebay?

    Did you get a good price? Did you have any problems? :)
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    Car Wrapping?

    If you have a car wrapped, does that mean that the car is then classed as 'modified'... therefore shoving the premium (even more) through the roof? :thumbsup:
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    Interim Service or Major Service?

    My beautiful A3's first service is due now... its two years old, has done just over 16k, and has already had the oil changed (I changed it myself to Castrol Edge at around 8k.. thought it would be best after the running in period). Anyway, will this be classed as a major service, or an interim...
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    Good Insurance Companies for Young Drivers?

    Ive tried the likes of Admiral and Bell, but both aren't really interested in me! Any suggestions would be appreciated! :thumbsup:
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    Top Gear?

    Is it me or has it gone slightly downhill this past couple of weeks? I used to love it, but it just seems as though they have run out of ideas! I hope they get it back on track :(
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    Whining Noise?

    Whilst driving today, I noticed that my cars begun to start making a whining noise whilst accelerating softly in 1st gear, I only really noticed it in 1st. Its a strange noise, a bit like the noise the gearbox makes when reversing, except its not as loud... and im going forwards. Has...
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    Best Aftermarket Bulbs?

    Im thinking about changing my bulbs in my Halogen headlights (8P3). Ideally, Id like some Xenon white headlight bulbs, not the blue chavvy things, some that look OEM and that are road legal! Any Ideas People? :icon_thumright:
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    Another Insurance Question... Monthy Payment..

    I need to pay for my insurance again soon, but plan on changing my car at some point in the near future. Im 19, so my insurance is a bit pricey. The thing is, if I take a new policy out with my car with one insurance company, and then change my car, but another company give me a cheaper quote on...
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    Bit of a daft question...

    But, my friend is trying to tell me that petrol engines are stronger than diesels if driven the same. For instance, if I take a diesel to 4800RPM (red line) every gear change, and he takes his petrol to 4800RPM every gear change, I believe that the diesel will still last longer on the whole. (or...
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    1st Service?

    My service light is on its count down at the moment... just wondering what kind of price im going to be looking at for its first service? Its a 09 1.6 A3 Sport, with just under 16k on the clock. Its had its oil changed recently, and its on the long life plan. What kind of prices will I be...