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  1. cuke2u

    Disable Auto Start/Stop via VCDS

    Myths about the start stop system are plenty and that video shows a complete lack of knowledge about how the systems are designed and operate and have no factual basis. It's almost laughable. Having all our cars idling whilst stationary is not good for the environment neither is is good for our...
  2. cuke2u

    3.0 TDI Lazy Gearbox / Turbo lag issues - Software update?

    Not concerning at all, unless Audi headquarter sanctions the update and then the dealership goes ahead and performs it, if it goes wrong the Audi will not repay the dealership for the warranty work. This is the way that Audi, mostly, operate, unless you can find a 'friendly' dealership. As for...
  3. cuke2u

    Audi connect key, anyone got it working?

    Thanks Dave, still here, just..
  4. cuke2u

    Audi connect key, anyone got it working?

    Currently is is illegal to start a vehicle and have the engine running whilst unoccupied in the UK...
  5. cuke2u

    3.0 TDI Lazy Gearbox / Turbo lag issues - Software update?

    No it isn't, they take their advice from headquarters not to update firmware unless they are told to by them for each individual vehicle, or as a recall or a technical bulletin. A small issue such as lag isn't sufficient...
  6. cuke2u

    Screenwash type

    Quantum concentrated screenwash is manufactured to Audi specs, currently at £26 for 4 x 5l....
  7. cuke2u

    Battery life due to not using car for 12 weeks self isolation

    Second video appears to be unavailable:-(
  8. cuke2u

    Battery life due to not using car for 12 weeks self isolation

    That's the one I have been looking at but thanks for replying...
  9. cuke2u

    Jan 2020 A6 Allroad acceleration lag

    Unfortunately most of Audi is shutting down so this may not happen within the quoted time period. There also was a software upgrade for the 3.0v6 and the automatic gearbox, the ZF 8HP, not stronic, on the A4 B9. As there has been no details of the vehicle(s) in question in this thread...
  10. cuke2u

    Jan 2020 A6 Allroad acceleration lag

    Quite, this 'feature' is well documented with many Audi models in many reviews, but not mine as I have a different gearbox. If you place the car in sport mode then the lag is lessened to a degree that makes you feel safer, or simply just drive around the lag. Another trick owners have done to...
  11. cuke2u

    A6 First service - £552 in and out in less than two hours!

    My service plan., over three years, cost £9.56 a month. Now the car is over three years old the service plan, for two services over 15 months, is £26 a month. But it pays to research, get quotes from both an Audi dealership and an Audi independent as Audi price match. Also go to this link and it...
  12. cuke2u

    Damp windscreen

    Definitely leave the cc on auto and set to around 22c, don't fiddle with it, other to turn on max in the morning. It has it's own humidity sensor. Also make sure nothing wet is inside the car. You can cause damage to the parts of the climate if you don't run it for at least 20 mins each month...
  13. cuke2u

    Traffic sign recognition Parameterisation

    Unlikely that dealerships will turn on 'features'that aren't installed from the factory. It has been a many owners experience that they won't even update the firmware to a more recent version half the time...
  14. cuke2u

    One week to factory build new A6?

    Sometimes dealerships create builds on cars that might have similar specs to actual customer orders. For example the build date for my current car happened around the same time I placed my order thus I had the car in less time than others had...
  15. cuke2u

    New A6 - Tech pack yes or no?

    Matrix headlamps are a wonder and the bees knees...
  16. cuke2u

    Sound Setting

  17. cuke2u

    A6 Avant Quattro 50TDI Tyres

    Set them as indicated, 33psi is too low and give you higher wear and your tyres are no more prone to punctures than any other...
  18. cuke2u

    Oil change

    Minimum charge of one hour's labour, what is that these days at an Audi dealership, £150-200 an hour?
  19. cuke2u

    Oil change

    That is the cost of a oil and filter change...